Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1025 Generalized likelihood ratio statistics and wilks phenomenon Fan, J., Zhang, C. & Zhang, J. 2000 PDF icon tr1025.pdf
1024 (Smoothing) Splines in nonparametric regression Wahba, G. 2000 PDF icon tr1024.pdf
1023 Sample correlation coeffiecients based on survey data under regression imputation Shao, J. & Wang, H. 2000 PDF icon tr1023.pdf
1022 Statistical properties and adaptive tuning of support vector machines Lin, Y., Wahba, G., Zhang, H. & Lee, Y. 2000 PDF icon tr1022.pdf
1021 On a nonparametric recursive estimator of the mixing distribution Newton, M.A. 2000 PDF icon tr1021.pdf
1020 An introduction to model building with reproducing kernel hilbert spaces Wahba, G. 2000 PDF icon tr1020.pdf
1019 An approximation of the K-function for strauss disc processes Borghi, E. & Yandell, B.S. 2000 PDF icon tr1019.pdf
1018 Methods for Estimating the Interaction Parameter of Strauss Disc Processes Borghi, E. & Yandell, B.S. 2000 PDF icon tr1018.pdf
1017 Between-and within cluster covariate effects and model misspecification in the analysis of clustered data Shen, L. & Shao, J. 2000 PDF icon tr1017.pdf
1016 Support vector machines for classification in nonstandard situations Lin, Y., Lee, Y. & Wahba, G. 2000 PDF icon tr1016.pdf
1015 Generalization and regularization in nonlinear learning systems Wahba, G. 2000 PDF icon tr1015.pdf
1014 Support vector machines and the bayes rule in classification Lin, Y. 1999 PDF icon tr1014.pdf
1013 Bayesian sequential design of a network of sensors Clayton, M.K., Sheperd, J. & Hsiao, C.F. 1999 PDF icon tr1013.pdf
1012 Classification trees with unbiased multiway splits Kim, H. & Loh, W.Y. 1999 PDF icon tr1012.pdf
1011 Iterated ran GAVC: A computational proxy for comparative kullback-leibler distance Gao, F. 1999 PDF icon tr1011.pdf
1010 Quantitative study of smoothing spline-ANOVA based fingerprint methods for attribution of global warming Chiang, A., Wahba, G., Tribbia, J. & Johnson, D.R. 1999 PDF icon tr1010.pdf
1009 Smoothing spline ANOVA for multivariative bernoulli observations Gao, F., Wahba, G., Klein, R. & Klein, B. 1999 PDF icon tr1009.pdf
1008 Normal quantile plots and statistical inference Wardrop, R.L. 1999 PDF icon tr1008.pdf
1007 Statistical tests for the hot-hand in basketball in a controlled setting Wardrop, R.L. 1999 PDF icon tr1007.pdf
1006 Generalized approximate cross validation for support vector machines, or another way to look at margin like quantities (preliminary report) Wahba, G., Lin, Y. & Zhang, H. 1999 PDF icon tr1006.pdf