Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1045 Optimal properties and adaptive tuning of standard and nonstandard support vector machines Wahba, G., Lin, Y., Lee, Y. & Zhang, H. 2001 PDF icon tr1045.pdf
1044 Margin based loss runctions in classification and related topics Lin, Y. 2001 PDF icon tr1044.pdf
1043 Multicategory support vector machines Lee, Y., Lin, Y. & Wahba, G. 2001 PDF icon tr1043.pdf
1042 Variable selection via basis pursuit for non-gaussian data Zhang, H., Wahba, G., Lin, Y., Voelker, M., Ferris, M., Klein, R. & Klein, B. 2001 PDF icon tr1042.pdf
1041 Binning methodology for nonparametric goodness-of-fit Zhang, C. 2001 PDF icon tr1041.pdf
1040 Multicategory support vector machine (preliminary long abstract) Wahba, G., Lin, Y. & Lee, Y. 2001 PDF icon tr1040.pdf
1039 Method for tuning support vector machines, with extensions to the non-standard case Wahba, G., Lin, Y., Lee, Y. & Zhang, H. 2001 PDF icon tr1039.pdf
1038 The moment preservation method of cluster analysis Harris, B. 2001 PDF icon tr1038.pdf
1037 Equivalent nonparametric tests based on spline and local polynomial smoothers (preliminary report) Zhang, C. 2001 PDF icon tr1037.pdf
1036 Accurate lower tolerance limits for the normal random effects model Harris, B. & Chen, S.Y. 2001 PDF icon tr1036.pdf
1035 A semi-parametric algorithm for classification Lin, Y. & Jeon, Y. 2001 PDF icon tr1035.pdf
1034 Practical model building for quantitative population ethology Ewing, B., Yandell, B.S., Barbieri, J.F. & Luck, R.F. 2001 PDF icon tr1034.pdf
1033 Quantitative Population Ethology (no copies) Ewing, B., Yandell, Barbieri, Luck & 2001
1032 Event-driven competing risks Ewing, B., Yandell, B.S., Barbieri, J.F. & Luck, R.F. 2001 PDF icon tr1032.pdf
1031 Mining for low-abundance transcripts in microarray data Lin, Y., Nadler, S.T., Attie, A.D & Yandell, B.S. 2001 PDF icon tr1031.pdf
1030 On empirical likelihood for a semiparametric mixture model Zou, F., Fine & Yandell 2000 PDF icon tr1030.pdf
1029 On the support vector machine Lin, Y. 2000 PDF icon tr1029.pdf
1028 Easy estimation of normalizing constants and bayes factors from postterior simulation:stabilizing the harmonic mean estimator. Satagopan, J.M., Newton, M.A. & Raftery, A.E. 2000 PDF icon tr1028.pdf
1027 A Re-examination of Stanton's diffusion estimation with applications to financial model validation Zhang, C. & Fan, J. 2000 PDF icon tr1027.pdf
1026 Adaptive tests of regression functions via multi-scale generalized likelihood ratios Zhang, C. 2000 PDF icon tr1026.pdf