Computer Purchasing Policy

All faculty have the option to order a Computer Sciences Lab (CSL)-supported PC on their own grants. Although the use of privately owned laptops is encouraged, the use of any CSL-supported hardware is acceptable as an alternative to the widely popular thin client solution. The following restrictions apply:

1.)All CSL-supported machines will carry an operating system image that is created, maintained, and distributed by the Computer Sciences Laboratory. RHEL 7 and Windows 7 are the currently available platforms.

2.)Only faculty may purchase a standalone CSL-supported PC for their direct use. Purchasing machines for students or others on behalf of faculty is not permitted.

3.)Upgrades to the hardware will be necessary to keep up with CSL operating system demands. The purchaser will be expected to cover all upgrade costs, usually once every three years. Components like RAM and hard disks are typically replaced as they wear out or become obsolete. Funds must be available for future maintenance.

4.)Any machine that does not carry a CSL supported operating system image will not be supported by the Statistics Computing Lab (SCL) or the CSL. Any machine found not to be using CSL-supported hardware and software will not be put on the network. All machines must be fully supported under the CSL in order for the SCL to assist in maintaining.

If you are interested in purchasing a supported machine or have any questions, please send an email to

Supported Computers Policy

Statistics computers fall into two categories: supported and unsupported machines.
Supported Machines: Are installed with an operating system that is maintained by the Computer Sciences Laboratory (CSL). This means that it is campus licensed (if its Windows) and is updated with virus protection. This is not a purchased copy of an operating system installed "out of the box". Statistics department supported machines include Thin-Clients (e.g., ltermXX (e.g.

Unsupported Machines: Are machines that are personal, or otherwise not purchased on department or university funds. They may or may not have campus licensed software running. Unsupported machines are personal laptops, personal desktops, smart phones, iPads, etc. Unsupported can also mean the machine was purchased on department or university funds but does not have a supported operating system image from the Computer Sciences Laboratory. If you purchase a machine through grant funds but do not use a CSL supported operating system (i.e. you installed the operating system yourself from your own media, or campus media that is not configured by the CSL), then the Statistics department will not support the device.

Please be aware of whether you are using a supported or unsupported computer before submitting questions to