Adding a calendar to your Outlook

We use Office 365 for calendars. Access them at

In Office 365 Web App, click the grid menu on the top left and select Calendar. Once in Calendar, right click on "Other Calendars" in the left-side menu. Select "Open Calendar" and a dialog box opens. In the "from directory" field, enter any of the following Statistics calendars:



IMPORTANT! Once you can view the calendar, you can add your reservations to them by creating a new "event". New events you create get added to your personal calendar. To make sure they also show up on the conference room or other resource calendar, add the calendar as an 'attendee'. Treat the resource you are making a reservation for as a person and it will show up on that resource calendar. If you need to cancel your event/reservation, do so from your personal calendar and it will automatically remove from the room/resource calendar that was an attendee (See 'How to edit a resource reservation' below).

In short, create an event for the time you wish to reserve the resource, and add the resource name such as as an attendee. An event during that will be put on that resource calendar using your name. If you wish for your event title to show up instead of your name, you can put the event title in the "Location" field. This is not intuitive and is a "known-issue" but is a workaround campus is providing at this time.

How to edit a resource reservation

If you create an event or meeting for a room, let’s say room 1210 MSC, and it is incorrect – you cannot edit the event directly from the stat-msc-1210-conf room calendar.

When you create a room reservation on one of the room calendars Outlook will create a duplicate of the event on your own personal calendar. To make an edit to the room reservation on calendar stat-msc-1210-conf you would look for that same room reservation event/meeting on your own, personal calendar, and make edits from there. Those edits will automatically update the room reservation event/meeting on the stat-msc-1210-conf calendar.

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