Duo Multi-factor Authentication

To better protect your personal identity and intellectual property, and to enhance the security of our digital assets, UW–Madison is adding a second verification step to the NetID login process. This process, called multi-factor authentication, is provided to campus by Duo Security and offers a second layer of protection to your digital identity. You may have seen a similar process in use at your bank, credit union or credit card company.

Implementing multi-factor authentication adds a new step to the NetID login process. The first step for UW–Madison login will remain the same, you’ll enter your NetID and password. The second step uses your smartphone, tablet, or token (also called a fob) to verify your identity. Requiring two different types of authentication helps prevent anyone but you from logging in to your account, even if they have your password. The enrollment process is easy, using the free Duo app or token/fob is simple, and results in added protection for your identity, intellectual property and UW–Madison assets. Learn more at: Guide: How to Use Multi-factor Authentication with Duo.

Department of Statistics employees will be required to use MFA-Duo for access to applications using NetID Login for authentication on February 25, 2019 at 8:00 am

What should I do now? You can start using MFA-Duo now, ahead of this date, by completing the MFA Duo Enrollment. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet (or choose not to use it) for MFA-Duo, contact Colleen Brabender colleen AT stat.wisc.edu Room 1280 Medical Sciences Center Monday-Thursday before 11:00 am to obtain a token/fob.

What if I already use Symantec OTP for access to HRS and SFS?

The intention is that multi-factor authentication from Duo will replace the need for Symantec VIP for UW–Madison staff and faculty. We’re anticipating that by the end of 2018, users who have migrated to MFA-Duo will be able to use Duo as their only multi-factor authentication application with HRS and SFS.

For more information, including how to use MFA-Duo, training videos, and FAQs, please visit the Multi-factor Authentication Project site. If you have any questions about the rollout, please contact Colleen Brabender room 1280 Medical Sciences Center Monday-Thursday before 11:00 am. If you encounter issues using MFA-Duo contact the DoIT Help Desk. If you’d like to share your thoughts, please use our Feedback Form.

Note: You will need to Duo Authenticate for each new browser.
You may need to clear your browsing data for this to work. Learn how here

Thank you,
--Colleen Brabender