Faculty & Staff Governance Committees

UW-Madison runs by faculty governance in a community setting, relying heavily on committees. The Department of Statistics has the following committee assignments for the 2016-17 academic year. If you have questions about a committee topic, please feel free to contact the committee lead(s) directly, or contact the department office. In addition to standing committees, there is occasional need for ad hoc committees to address more immediate items.


2017-18 Department Committees (lead(s) in bold)

Committee Purpose Members
Climate Handle departmental climate issues. Rohe / Brinkerhoff, Ane, Chappell, Chien, Nguyen
Computing and Web Departmental computing and web needs, policies, and plans. Chien, Raskutti, Yandell, Cammilleri, Runyan
Curriculum and Degree Requirements Work on policy issues regarding the curriculum and degree requirements. Shao,, Loh, Keles, Bean
Gateway Courses Steer and oversee gateway courses and handle issues that arise. Yandell, Larget, Loh,
Faculty Hiring If hiring allowed, write PVL (Fall), attend diversity training (Fall), review applications (Dec-Jan), arrange interviews (Jan-Mar), and coordinate faculty and executive committee review of applicants. Loh, Wahba, Chein, Rohe
Graduate Student Admissions (traditional program) Evaluate applications for fall (Dec-Feb). Z. Zhang, Kendziorski, Wahba, Rohe, Bean, Kang, A. Zhang, C. Zhang, Po-Ling Loh, Runyan, Grad Coordinator
MS Exam Plan the MS exam each semester, make appropriately sized problems, and evaluate the exam. Chappell, Larget, Newton, Yandell
PhD Qualifier Exam Determine that the qualifier is well and fairly constructed. Individual faculty expertise is balanced to ensure adequate representation for all problem areas needed. Keles, Loh, Clayton, Raskutti, Shao, C. Zhang, A. Zhang, Bean, Zhu
VISP & Master of Statistics, Data Science option (MS-DS) Oversee admissions, development, and requirements for the visiting international student program (VISP) and the professional master’s program (MS-DS). Shao, Larget, Rohe, Loh, Yandell
Secretary for Faculty Meetings Take minutes at the faculty meetings and prepare documents for distribution. Newton, Tsui (backup)
Seminar In charge of weekly departmental seminars with duties including inviting speakers, arranging schedules, and hosting talks. Kang, A. Zhang, Po-Ling Loh, Runyan
Strategic Planning Coordinate development and review of vision, mission, and strategic plan; investigate creative funding; reassess interconnections and roles across campus. Y. Wang, Larget, Zhu, Runyan
TA and Instruction Assign course instructors and TAs before each semester; train TAs, and evaluate TA performance during and at the end of each semester. Zhu, Rohe, Shao, Nguyen, Brinkerhoff, Runyan
Undergraduate Major Advise majors and oversee the undergraduate program. Ané, Bean, Nguyen, Yang,Li