Statistics Positions at Ford Motor Company

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 12:47pm -- dsgrypp

OPEN POSITIONS in Statistics, Biostatistics, and Econometrics

Positions in:  Ford Motor Company: Market Demand Analytic Team, Global Data Insight & Analytic,  
Location: Dearborn, MI 


Position Description :
This position will develop analytical methodologies and specify data requirements by translating business
phenomena into appropriate mathematical/regression equations; to analyze market impact of vehicle quality and
freshening, marketing, incentives, advertisement spending, sales volumes, vehicle features and contents on
vehicle transaction price, residual value, revenue, and profit; and to offer analytical support and technical
expertise to One Ford strategies and daily operations. In addition, the team is also responsible for developing BIC
models to maximize profit by optimizing production planning, inventory, sales, and C&I, as well as creating
econometric models for residual improvement. Having this kind of expertise will enable Ford to keep competitive
advantage in terms of state-of-the-art business modeling and advanced analytical capabilities

Primary Skills Required :
Candidates must be capable of carrying out independent framework design in terms of the business modeling
creation, development, and integration.

Primary Skills Preferred :
Candidates must be familiar with regression and econometric techniques, including structural models, discrete
choice models, time series models, panel models, state-dependent models, and duration models to design
statistical models and business applications in automotive industry.

Education Required :
Graduate degree in quantitative field, i.e. Statistics / Biostatistics / Economics etc.;

Education Preferred :
MS or Ph.D. Ph.D. degree in statistics or econometrics is strongly encouraged to apply

Experience Required :
SAS programming skill is a plus

Experience Preferred :
2-5 years of related experience is preferred