Awards & Grants

There are many possibilities for awards in and around the field of statistics, as well as at the university. This page catalogs some of these, including recent recipients in our Under Graduate Club department.

Undergraduate Student Awards & Grants

Graduate Student Awards & Grants

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Grant Information

Here are some federal grant guidelines, which should be self-evident:

  • Grants in Statistics are handled by our department supervisor, Denise Runyan, who has many other duties as well.
  • Let Denise know as soon as you consider writing a grant, even if you think it will not be run through Statistics. At the very least, she may need to provide some payroll or other budget information.
  • Budget should be planned early, ideally a month before the grant is due. Develop a sketch and Denise can make it whole. They you can review it before it goes for college approval.
  • Pay attention to other aspects of the grant that need department input, such as Budget Justification, Facilities, and Equipment & Supplies. Involve Denise and likely Mike Cammilleri, our department information processing consultant (IT) in early discussion of needs.
  • Learn about Wisper and about the grant submission vehicles, FastLane (NSF) and Cayuse (most other). Do the simple entry stuff early so it is out of the way.
  • The abstract and body of your grant are the most important parts, but are the last things that need to be submitted. Work gradually on these as you get other matters finished.
  • Ask questions, both of the grant program officer and of our staff. We all want your grant to be a success.