Department of Statistics
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706

Selected Contributions in Diversified Areas (short list, last updated in 2012), for a complete updated list of papers click here

Contributions in Fundamental Statistical Concepts and Tools: Contributions in Financial Enometrics and Risk Management:
Contributions in Time Series and Extreme Value Theory:
Contributions in Multivairate Analysis and Copula Dependence: Contributions in Clinical Trials (major newspaper reported article):
  • Barrett, B., Hayney, M. S., Muller, D., Rakel, D., Ward, A., Obasi, C., Brown, R., Zhang, Z., Zgierska, A., Gern, J., West, R., Ewers, R., Barlow, S., Gassman, M., and Coe,C. L. (2012). Meditation or exercise for preventing acute respiratory infection: a randomized controlled trial.  Annals of Family Medicine, 10, 337-346.