Statistics 50th Anniversary Talks

Below are the talks presented at our anniversary (see Complete Program and Amstat News article). Please respect the authors and properly cite work if you use this material.

A videotape of George Box's talk is being prepared. In addition, a collection of photographs is being organized and will be displayed in the near future. If you wish to add material to our anniversary collection, please email As always, monetary contributions to the department fund are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

8:30 Invited Session 1

Chair, Andrew Jaworski, 3M
George Box, Emeritus, University of WI-Madison
An Accidental Statistician
Finbarr O'Sullivan, University College Cork, Ireland
Statistical Aspects of Imaging Cellular Proliferation with Positron Emission Tomography
Lee-Jen Wei, Harvard School of Public Health
Association vs. Prediction

10:30 Invited Session 2

Chair, Richard Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bin Yu, University of California-Berkeley
Sparse modeling: some unifying theory and "word-imaging"
Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kriging and Alternatives in Computer Experiments
Dennis K.J. Lin, Penn State University
Recent Advances on Computer Experiments

1:15 Invited Session 3

Chair, Nancy Gracia, IMECC/UNICAMP
George Tiao, University of Chicago
Early Years of the Statistics Department
Michael Akritas, Penn State University
On Goodness-of-Fit Testing
George Roussas, University of California-Davis
Probability and Statistics Throughout the Centuries: A Brief Account

3:15 Invited Session 4

Chair, Bruce Craig, Purdue University
Anastasios A. Tsiatis, North Carolina State Univ.
Improving efficiency of inferences in randomized clinical trials using auxiliary covariates
R. Daniel Meyer, Pfizer, Inc.
Statistical Models to Optimize Chemical Structure
Douglas Nychka, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO
There is lots of room left in Hilbert Space
5:00 Reception Pyle Center: Roof Top Terrace

6:00 Banquet Pyle Center

Stephen Stigler, University of Chicago
Wisconsin at Age 50

Friday, 4 June 2010

8:30 Invited Session 5

Chair, Sung Ahn, Washington State University
Donald Rubin, Harvard University
The Crucial Role of Design for Causal Inference
Alan Agresti, University of Florida
Some historical highlights in the development of categorical data methodology
9:45 Break

10:15 Invited Session 6

Chair, Yoonkyung Lee, Ohio State University
Wing H. Wong, Stanford University
Optional Polya Tree and Bayesian Inference
Michael R. Kosorok, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Personalized Medicine and Clinical Trials
Ronald Brookmeyer, University of California-Los Angeles
Measuring the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Approaches and Challenges

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