R Commands used in Stat/For/Hort 571

The table below shows what commands are described in the accompanying Web pages for Stat/For/Hort 571. This includes the R Software Introduction page and the R Appendices. They are organized by topic as much as possible. Documents are identified as I = Introduction, A = Appendix Overview, 2 = Appendix 2, etc.

For more information on individual commands, see the appropriate Appendix for usage, and refer to the help pages available from within R (see Getting Help with R). Commands below indicated as [local] are not a regular part of R, but can be created by you with a local call to the function command as shown in the corresponding document.


Table of Commands

Command Comment Document(s)
Descriptive Statistics
IQRinter-quartile range2
lengthlength of data2,5,7,10,11
maxmaximum of data5
meanmean of dataI,6,7,12
medianmedian of data10,11
rangerange of data2,7
sdSD of dataI,2,6,7
stemstem-leaf diagramI,2
summarysummary of object2,14
varvariance of data2,5,6,7,10
Modify Data
absabsolute value6,10,11
diffdifference of values2
log10log base 10 of values2
sqrtsquare root of values6,7,9,10
sumsum of values6,7
ablinedraw y=a+bx line7,9
linesdraw lines on plot5,7
parset plot parametersA
plotplot a data object7,9,11,14
qqnormnormal quantile-quantile plot8
Probability Distributions
dbinombinomial distribution4
dchisqchi-square distribution5
dpoisPoisson distribution4
pbinombinomial probability4
pchisqchi-square probability5,6
pnormnormal probability4,6,9
ptT probability6
rnormdraw normal samples5,6,7,9
qchisqchi-square probability5,7
qnormnormal quantiles4,7,9
qtT quantiles6
sampledraw samples from distribution5
Inference: Testing & C.I.s
anovashow anova table11,14
chisq.testchi-square test13
cor.testcorrelation test15
kruskal.testnon-parametric analysis of variance11
levene.test [local]Levene's test of variance10,11
lmfit a linear model11,14
norm.interval [local]C.I. for mean with known variance7
oneway.testone-way analysis of variance11
pairwise.t.testAll pairs T-tests of mean11,12
predictpredicted values14
prop.testtest of proportion6,7,10
p.table [local]table p-values from pairwise tests12
t.testT-test of mean6,7,9,10
var.interval [local]C.I. for variance7
wilcox.testnon-parametric two-sample test10
Read & Print Data
catcatenate (print) an object11
printprint an object11
read.tableread data table from fileI,11,12,14,15
Arrange Data
applyapply command to matrix5,6,7,9
ccombine data togetherI,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14
cbindbind columns of data9,12
data.framecreate data frame8,11,12,14
dimnamesdimension names of matrix12
duplicatedfind duplicated values10,11
factorcreate a factor11
is.nais data missing (NA)?12
lapplyapply command to list11
listcreate a list object12
matrixcreate matrix of values5,6,7,9,13
ordershow order of sort12
reprepeat values11
seqcreate sequence of values5,9,11
sortsort data10,11,12
rbindbind rows of data12
splitsplit up list11
ttranspose matrix12
tapplyapply command by factor levels11,12
unsplitunsplit to list11
Using R: Help, Quit, etc.
forfor looping command7,11
functioncreate a function6,7,9,10,11,12
helphelp on commandI
help.searchhelp on topicI
help.startstart HTML helpI
ifif conditional command10,11
sourcesource commands from fileA

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