Grace Wahba's Former PhD Students

Mark C. K. Yang (1970) (deceased, 2010)
Bernard Viort (1972)
Robert Kuhn (1974)
Guido del Pino (1976)
Heather Lucas Gamber (1978)
Wing-Hung Wong(1980)
James Wendelberger(1982)
Douglas Nychka (1983)
Finbarr O'Sullivan (1983)
Miguel Villalobos (1983)
Jyh-Jen Shiau (1985)
Zehua Chen (1989)
Chong Gu (1989)
Feng Gao (1993)
Yuedong Wang (1994)
Ronaldo Dias (1994)
Dong Xiang (1996)
Zhen Luo (1996)
Jianjian Gong (1996)
Xiwu Lin (1998)
Alan Y. H. Chiang (1999)
Fangyu Gao (1999)
Hao Helen Zhang (2002)
Yoonkyung Lee (2002) (co-advisor Yi Lin)
Chenlei Leng (2004) (co-advisor Yi Lin)
Ming Yuan (2004) (co-advisor Yi Lin)
Xianhong Xie (2005)
Fan Lu (2006)
John Carew (2006)(co-advisor Beth Meyerand)
Hector Corrada Bravo (2008)(co-advisor Raghu Ramakrishnan)
Weiliang Shi(2008)
Xiwen Ma(2010)
Shilin Ding(2012)
Bin Dai(2012)
Zhigeng Geng(2014)co-advisor Sijian Wang
Tai Qin(2015)co-advisor Karl Rohe
Jing Kong(2015)

Grace Wahba's Current PhD Students

Xiaowu Dai (co-advisor Peter Chien)
Hao Zhou (co-advisor Vikas Singh)

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Prospective PhD Students

Students on campus who may be interested in statistical modeling, machine learning and data mining for large, complex data sets using splines, (reproducing) kernels, variational and regularization methods; biostatistical modeling and risk factor estimation, supervised machine learning, imaging, inverse and remote sensing problems are invited to e-mail me for an appointment.

Interested in coming to Madison to study?

The first step is to apply, see the Admissions link on the department website. Ms Jude Grudzina is the admissions secretary whom you can contact regarding the status of your application. I'm getting too many e-mails asking if I will accept the writer as a PhD student before they apply. Sorry, the answer is usually no. Please apply before asking. Be sure that any information you want the Admissions Committee to see goes into your application. Otherwise it will not be in the data base from which the Committee makes its judgments. You may see the kinds of projects my group is working on by looking at the reports in the TRLIST

I occasionally have research assistant or project assistant positions to offer. These usually go first to students who have taken either Statistics 840, 841 or 860 with me, and then to students who will be taking one of them concurrently. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR September 2014: At this time I have no open RA slots for September 2014.

In general the Statistics department offers a number of guaranteed positions to incoming students. The initial job assignments for the first semester for those who have guaranteed positions are usually teaching assistant positions, but it is possible for them to be converted to research assistant or project assistant positions after they arrive, or, in rare instances before they arrive. There are many opportunities for more advanced students to have research assistantships. Students who apply for support may also be considered for fellowships, no separate application is necessary, altho the number of available fellowships is limited.

***You are welcome to see me when you get here - e-mail for an appointment. Incoming students are invited to write also.***

I also have courtesy appointments in CS and in Biostatistics and Medical Informatics. I can supervise PhDs in CS and BMI. IMPORTANT NOTE: Statistics and Biostatistics-Medical Informatics admissions are handled through the Statistics Department. For admission to the CS department please contact CS.