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3rd WMO Assimilation June 7-11/99 Quebec
VanZwet VanZwet Symposium
IEEE Madison Aug 23-25 99
Stanford Stanford 50th
Adjoint Adjoint applications CA
7IMSC Seventh International Meet on Statistical Climatology
NIPS10 Absbracts NIPS abstracts mitpress
SISC-96 SISC (Sydney) 96 Home Page
Isaac Newton Inst Math of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics

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AGU American Geophys Union
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Climate Dynamics ClimDyn
Computational Journals links to comp.journs
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Earth Interactions Amer Met Soc, electronic journal
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InterStat InterStat
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LANL-Math LANL-math archive../help/submit/ for subm.help
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SAIM French Societe de Math Appl et Industr
Datamining Datamining
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Chance UGrad Education
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Netlib Netlib home page, incl link to na.net
ScaLAPACK Dongarra et al latest Matrix Routines
Optimization Software J. More' and S. Wright, Optimization
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DELVE Datasets for use in evaluating learning in valid experiments
HPCC National HPCC Software Exchange
NIST Math Software Software Server


SFI Discussion of Scientific American Article
Penrose Book Psyche discussion of `Shadows of the Mind'
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Chaos-Complexity LeBaron Sprott Group


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NCDC-GHCN NCDC Surface Temp Database
DAO S. Schubert, prop.

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