Wei-Yin Loh's Students

Current PhD Students

  1. Luxi Cao
  2. Peigen Zhou

PhD Graduates and last known employment

  1. Nunta Vanichsetakul (1986). Tree-structured classification via recursive discriminant analysis. Kasetsart University, Thailand.
  2. Min-Ching Huang (1989). Piecewise-linear tree-structured regression. National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Republic of China.
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  8. Ching-Ching Yang (1993). Tree-structured Poisson regression. Feng Chia University, Taiwan, Republic of China.
  9. Edmund Kademan (1993). Piecewise linear regression through random partitioning. PHZ Capital Partners, USA.
  10. Fang Dong (1993). Robust estimation of location via embedding. Novartis, USA.
  11. Peng Qu (1994). Application of Box-Cox transformations to discrimination for the two-class problem. Pfizer, China.
  12. Ruji Yao (1994). Regression trees. Merck, USA.
  13. Xujie Yu (1994). Analysis of contingency tables. Celgene Corp., USA.
  14. Xiaodong Zheng (1994). Bootstrap theory and methods. CitiMortgage, USA.
  15. Chongqing Yan (1995). Regression trees and nonlinear time series modeling. Pfizer, USA.
  16. David M. Potter (1998). Logistic regression trees. Pfizer, USA.
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  18. Kwanho Cho (1998). Box-Cox transformations. Institute for Defense Analysis, Republic of Korea.
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  20. Chunyang Gai (2000). Pruning methods for classification trees. J. P. Morgan, USA.
  21. Yunfei Chen (2000). Efficient clustering algorithms via multivariate techiniques and mixture models. Eli Lilly and Co., USA.
  22. Hyungjun Cho (2002). Tree-structured regression modeling for censored data. Korea University, Republic of Korea.
  23. Qinghua Song (2005). Contributions to classification and regression trees. Gilead Sciences, USA.
  24. Youngjae Chang (2008). Robustifying regression and classification trees in the presence of irrelevant variables. Korea National Open University, Republic of Korea.
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  27. Zhuang Wu (2011). Regression tree algorithms for longitudinal and censored survival data. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company, China.
  28. Xu He (2012). Identification of subgroups with large differential treatment effects in genome-wide association studies. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.
  29. Wenwen Zhang (2014). PLUTO: penalized unbiased logistic regression trees. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, USA.
  30. Haoyang Fan (2015). A boosting approach to high dimensional linear mixed model. Baidu, USA.
  31. Yuanzhi Li (2017). Contributions to classification and regression trees. Goldman Sachs, USA.

Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS)

  1. Christopher Raffaele Scotto Divetta (2003)
  2. Zhuangfei Chen (2003-04)
  3. Shiming Feng (2004-05)

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