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The 62nd Putnam exam will take place on Saturday, December 1. The first session is from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The second session is from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Your faculty advisors will treat any students participating to lunch that day.

Links to Mathematics Problems and Solutions

Putnam Archive by John Scholes

International Mathematics Olympiad Archive by John Scholes

University of Nebraska Putnam Problems Site

University of Nebraska Mathematics Olympiad Site

Links to Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 (ps,pdf) six problems

Problem Set 2 (ps,pdf) five problems

Problem Set 3 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Set 4 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Set 5 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Set 6 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Set 7 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Set 8 (ps,pdf) four problems

Problem Sources

The sources of the problems are here.

Problem Solutions

Problem Number
Problem set123456
1 none none none 1_4.pdf 1_5.pdf none
2 none 2_2.pdf none none none -
3 none none none none - -

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