Math 315

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Directions to load special functions onto the lab computer

We hope that next week this will be taken care of for you. In the meantime, here are instructions to copy the matlab functions from the CD in the back of your textbook to the C drive of your lab or classroom computer.

First, open up a MS-DOS window by clicking on the Start button, selecting Programs, and then MS-DOS Prompt. In this window, type these commands to do the copying. On some computers, the CD-ROM is the F drive, not the E drive. Replace the `e' with an `f' in the copy command if the copy command does not work.

cd ..
md matlab
cd matlab
md laode
cd laode
copy e:\pc\lao_pc\* .

Now, start Matlab. At the >> prompt, type:

cd c:\matlab\laode
All of the textbook data and functions should now work properly.
Last modified: February 9, 2000

Bret Larget,