Math 302

Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

Study guide for the final exam

For the final examination, you may use your textbook. This will primarily be so you can access tables and formulae. Do not memorize the formula for the information in the Rao-Cramer lower bound or for the various probability distributions, for example. However, you should know how to do most problems without needing to spend the time to look for similar examples in the textbook. Also, topics such as the bootstrap that were discussed in class but not in the textbook are fair game for the final examination.
  1. Sampling:
  2. Estimation:
  3. Hypothesis Testing:
  4. Goodness-of-fit Tests:
  5. Regression:
  6. Analysis of Variance:
Good studying! You can expect a mixture of numerical problems, derivations, and short answer questions.
Last modified: April 30, 1999

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