Math 225

Introduction to Biostatistics

Tentative Course Schedule

DateLecture TopicsChaptersComputer Lab
January 9Introduction
Exploratory Data Analysis
Chapters 1-2. Introduction
January 11Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 2
January 16ProbabilityChapter 3 Exploratory Data Analysis
January 18ProbabilityChapter 3
January 23ProbabilityChapter 3 Exploratory Data Analysis
January 25Binomial DistributionsChapter 5
January 30Normal and Poisson DistributionsChapter 5 Probability
February 1Normal Distributions Chapters 5
February 6Sampling DistributionsChapters 4 and 5 Binomial Distributions
February 8The Central Limit TheoremChapter 5
February 13Inference about ProportionsChapters 6 and 7 Normal Distributions
February 15Inference about ProportionsChapters 6 and 7
February 20Inference about MeansChapters 6 and 7 Sampling Distributions
February 22Inference about MeansChapters 6 and 7
February 27ReviewChapters 6 and 7 Review
March 1Test 1 
March 6Spring Break   
March 8Spring Break 
March 13Comparing two MeansChapters 6 and 7 Statistical Inference
March 15Comparing two MeansChapters 6 and 7
March 20Analysis of VarianceChapter 9 Statistical Inference
March 22Analysis of VarianceChapter 9
March 27Analysis of VarianceChapter 9 Analysis of Variance
March 29RegressionChapter 10
April 3RegressionChapter 10 Review
April 5Test 2 
April 10Monday Classes Meet  Regression
April 12Easter Break 
April 17Multiple RegressionChapter 11
April 19Contingency TablesChapter 8 Regression
April 24Contingency TablesChapter 8
April 26Final Review 

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