Math 225

Introduction to Biostatistics



This lab will teach you to:
  1. log in to the Lab computers
  2. start S-PLUS
  3. load a data set from the course Web page into S-PLUS
  4. open a Commands Window in S-PLUS and execute a few easy commands

In-class Activities

  1. Load the data set HARVEST Trial Data into S-PLUS. This data set consists of 30 variables and 1100 subjects and is described on page 8 of your textbook. The variables are described in the Appendix on and 456 in your textbook. [How?]
  2. Open a Commands Window (if it is not already open) by clicking on the button with the ">x" symbol. [How?]
  3. Type
    > attach(harvest)
    in the Commands Window to be able to refer to variables in the data set by name. [How?]
  4. Take the mean of the diastolic blood pressures at baseline in the data set. Type
    > mean(DBPCB)
  5. You instructor may choose to demonstrate other capabilities of S-PLUS.

Further S-PLUS help is available in this on-line guide.

Last modified: January 4, 2001

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