Math 125, Fundamentals of Statistics

Information for Fall 2001 Semester


Due Date Assignment
September 20Home runs (pdf)
Normal Curve Problems (pdf)
October 4Regression Problems (pdf)
November 6Binomial and and Sampling Distribution Problems (pdf)
November 15Statistical Inference for a Single Mean Problems (pdf)
December 11Statistical Inference for Proportions (pdf)
December 11Statistical Inference for Categorical Data (pdf)

Practice Tests

TestProblemsBrief Solutions
Practice Test 1 Test 1 Review (pdf) solutions
Practice Test 2 Test 2 Review (pdf) solutions
Practice Final Exam (recent) Final Exam Review (pdf) solutions
Practice Final Exam (older) Final Exam Review (pdf) (with solutions)  

Sample Project


Supplementary Notes

Exploratory Data Analysisnotes1.pdf
Probabilitynotes2.pdf (Updated on Sept. 20 to agree with our normal table.)
Normal Tablepdf

Statistics Songs

Oh, Normal Curve

The P-value Polka


Mr. T Test

Lecture Notes

wording of questions
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