CPMA 522, Statistical Inference

Stat Labs

The Stat Labs home page contains many things useful for the course. In particular, descriptions of the data and the data sets themselves from all the labs are here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on using the S language with particular reference to the labs is here.

WeekChapterData SetCode

LaTeX Help

Here are several on-line sources for LaTeX2e help.

Example Article

Here is a sample article on using LaTeX to format your lab reports. It includes specific examples on including graphics and making tables. It also describes how to incorporate citations. You will need the .tex file, the .bib file, and the .bst file to follow the examples.

sample.tex sample.bib rss.bst sample.pdf sample.ps

Steps to process a LaTeX file

These steps will allow you to process a .tex file.

  1. Suppose you have the file chap1.tex. On a lab computer running Linux, type the command

    latex chap1.tex

    This will create several files including one called chap1.dvi.

  2. If you type the command

    xdvi chap1.dvi

    you will be able to preview the document. (This might not work if you are connected remotely.)

  3. The command

    dvips chap1.dvi -o

    will create a PostScript file chap1.ps that can be printed on the department system.

  4. Print the PostScript file with the command

    lpr chap1.ps

  5. Alternatively, you can create the file chap1.pdf with the command

    ps2pdf chap1.ps

    This can be read using Adobe Acrobat reader by the command

    acroread chap1.pdf

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