Broad Professional Interests


data collection, exploratory analysis, visualization, modeling, validation.

special attention to multivariate methods, clustering, and computationally tractable methods for model selection in


e.g. social networks


K Rohe, T Qin, and B Yu.  “Co-clustering for directed graphs; the stochastic co-blockmodel and a spectral algorithm Di-Sim.” [pdf] [code]

N Binkiewicz, JT Vogelstein, K Rohe.  “Covariate Assisted Spectral Clustering.”  [pdf]

K Rohe.  “A note relating ridge regression and OLS p-values to preconditioned sparse penalized regression.”  [pdf]

V Vu, J Cho, J Lei, K Rohe. “Fantope Projection and Selection: A near-optimal convex relaxation of Sparse PCA”. NIPS 2013.  [pdf]

T Qin and K Rohe.  “Regularized Spectral Clustering Under the Degree-Corrected Stochastic Blockmodel.”  NIPS 2013.  [pdf]

K Rohe and T Qin.  “The Blessing of Transitivity in Sparse and Stochastic Networks.”  [pdf]

J Jia and K Rohe.  “Preconditioning to comply with the Irrepresentable Condition.”  [pdf]

K Rohe, T Qin, H Fan.  “The Highest Dimensional Stochastic Blockmodel with a Regularized Estimator.” Statistica Sinica. [pdf]

K Rohe, S Chatterjee, and B Yu.  “Spectral clustering and the high-dimensional Stochastic Blockmodel.”  Annals of Statistics, 39(4):1878–1915, 2011. [pdf]

J Jia, K Rohe, and B Yu. “The Lasso under heteroskedasticity.” Statistica Sinica. [pdf]



April 21.  I will visit the Michigan State Stat dept.

Jan 11.  I will speak at the Joint Math Meetings in San Antonio.

Nov 11. I will visit the Stanford Stat department.

Oct 1. I will visit the Northwestern Stat department.

August (JSM)  Student Tai Qin will present our work on regularized spectral clustering.

June 15.  Student Juhee Cho will present our work with Sushmita Roy on signature subgraph estimation at the Joint Applied Statistics Symposium of ISCA and KISS.

June 10.  Student Norbert Binkiewicz will present our work at the Joint Meeting of ISBIS and SLDM.

May 19.  Student Tai Qin will present our work on regularized spectral clustering at the SIAM Conference on Optimization.

December.  I will speak at ERCIM in London.

December.  Both the paper on regularized spectral clustering and the Fantope paper will be at NIPS.

October 22nd.  I will speak about the Blessings paper at SAMSI’s workshop “Social Network Data: Collection and Analysis.

Spectral clustering applied to a sparse graph benfits from some regularization.  See my recent paper with Tai Qin here.

October 7th.  I’ll be visiting the University of Washington Department of Statistics to talk about the Blessings paper.

Transitivity, a common feature of empirical networks, can make clustering easy in sparse graphs.  In this new paper with Tai Qin we provide the first estimation results for local clustering.

August 4-8.  I will speak at JSM in Montreal.

July 23-25.  I will speak at the Duke Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data.

April 5. I will speak at NYU Stern’s IOMS seminar series.

Feb 22.  I will speak at the Duke ECE department on preconditioning.

January 30 - Feb 1.  Great workshop at Eurandom.

November 14th and 15th 2012. I will be at Johns Hopkins University.  I will speak in the Applied Math and Stat Dept seminar on Thursday the 15th.

August 2012:  A simple preprocessing step can make the Lasso sign consistent under less restrictive assumptions.  See the details in this paper with J Jia.


(let me know if you will be nearby and would like to meet.)

photo courtesy of Frances Tong

This research is supported by DMS-1309998.