Assistant Professor of Statistics, courtesy appointment in Electrical Engineering

ML @ Madison!


Network-driven sampling, community detection, contextualized network analysis.


data collection, exploratory analysis, visualization, modeling, validation.

particularly multivariate methods and clustering.


K Rohe.  “Network driven sampling; a critical threshold for design effects.” [pdf]

K Rohe, T Qin, and B Yu.  “Co-clustering for directed graphs; the stochastic co-blockmodel and a spectral algorithm Di-Sim.” [pdf] [code]

N Binkiewicz, JT Vogelstein, K Rohe.  “Covariate Assisted Spectral Clustering.”  [pdf]

K Rohe.  “A note relating ridge regression and OLS p-values to preconditioned sparse penalized regression.”  [pdf]

V Vu, J Cho, J Lei, K Rohe. “Fantope Projection and Selection: A near-optimal convex relaxation of Sparse PCA”. NIPS 2013.  [pdf]

T Qin and K Rohe.  “Regularized Spectral Clustering Under the Degree-Corrected Stochastic Blockmodel.”  NIPS 2013.  [pdf]

K Rohe and T Qin.  “The Blessing of Transitivity in Sparse and Stochastic Networks.”  [pdf]

J Jia and K Rohe.  “Preconditioning to comply with the Irrepresentable Condition.”  [pdf]

K Rohe, T Qin, H Fan.  “The Highest Dimensional Stochastic Blockmodel with a Regularized Estimator.” Statistica Sinica. [pdf]

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J Jia, K Rohe, and B Yu. “The Lasso under heteroskedasticity.” Statistica Sinica. [pdf]


July 31, 2016.  JSM Chicago.

July 11-22, 2016.  Workshop: Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis at the Isaac Newton Institute.

April 2, 2016.  Population Association of America Session 1131; Innovations in Sampling.

April 1, 2016.  Johns Hopkins University; email me for more details.

March 3, 2016.  Math and Stat Department Seminar at Boston University.

December 14-18, 2015.  I will attend a workshop at the Santa Fe Institute.

November 16, 2015.  I will speak about network driven sampling at the Yale University stat dept.

October 20, 2015.  I will speak about network driven sampling at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

October 8, 2015.  I will speak about network driven sampling at the University of Iowa stat dept.

August 2015 (JSM).  I will present on design effects in respondent driven sampling.

June 15, 2015.  I will speak about network driven sampling at the WNAR/IMS Conference at Boise State University.

April 21, 2015.  I will visit the Michigan State Stat dept.

Jan 11, 2015.  I will speak at the Joint Math Meetings in San Antonio.


(let me know if you will be nearby and would like to meet.)

photo courtesy of Frances Tong

This research is supported by DMS-1309998.