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  • Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

    Statistics family, Burrows Park, Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

    Farewell Rene and Kailei

    Congratulations to Rene's and Kailei's graduation, August, 2018

    (Left) Ye, Pixu, Daniel, Chenyang, Nadya, Rene,
    Cony, Kailei, Sunduz, Peng, Fan (right)

    The Pioneer Courthouse, Portland, Summer 2018

    The Pioneer Courthouse, Portland, Summer 2018

    Karl's Group, Spring '18

    Karl's Group, Spring '18

    (Left) Emma, Yilin, Muzhe, Fan, Yini, Karl (right)

    Hands-on Alligator, Everglades National Park

    Hands-on alligator, Everglades National Park, Florida '18

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    UW-Madison Statistics Family, Burrows Park, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    Young statisticians, Burrows Park, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017


    Group meeting, summer 2017

    (Left) Karl, Fan, Yilin, Yulin, Muzhe, Song (right)


    Capital Madison at dusk, July 2017


    Pixu's baby shower, BioTech, May 2017

    (Left) Rene, Ye, Sunyoung, Cony, Anru (new Dad),
    Pixu (new Mom), Sunduz, Yury, Duy, Fan, Kylie (right)

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Daytime Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Dusk

    Lake Mendota, Daytime vs. Dust

    UW-Madison Campus

    UW-Madison Campus, Summer 2016


    ZJUers @ CSST 2015

    (Left) Yuqing, Lifeng, Ziming, Liujia, Yandi, Fan, Kuan,
    Shun, Yingzhu, Rita, Yubin, Xin, Peng (right), Zhe (bottom)

    Thapae Gate - Thailand Thapae Gate - Thailand

    Thapae Gate, Thailand, 2016



Jul. Summer School on Fundamentals of Data Analysis (TRIPODS 2018), Madison, USA.

Jul. I will attend the 2018 SIAM Annal Meeting (AN18) MS125 and the Workshop on Network Science (NS18), Portland, USA.
-- Chen, F., Zhang, Y., Rohe, K. (2018). Personalized PageRank, local clustering, and the Stochastic Blockmodel. [slides] [poster]

May. Hangzhou International Conference on Frontiers of Data Science (website), Hangzhou, China.

Jan. I joined Rohe Lab and continued working on community detection.


Sep. I passed the PhD Qualifying Exam!

Jul. I will attend the Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics (SISG) at the University of Washington, Seattle. Three modules are hosted by Timothy Thornton, Kari North, and Ali Shojaie.


Sep. I become a research assistant in Keles' research group. My work will involve modeling RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and related High-Throughput sequencing data analysis.

Jun. My dissertation, advised by Prof. Liu, is awarded as the Best Diss. of the year.
-- Chen, F. (2016). Mathematical modelling on battery systems (in Chinese). [thesis]

Mar. In the coming five months, I will be a business intelligence intern at Didi, Hangzhou.


Nov. Our project, part of the Student Research Training Program (SRTP), was awarded the First class, Hangzhou, China.
-- Chen, F., Li, X. (2015). The influence factors in complex reply networks. [slides]

Jul. I am in the UCLA Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology (CSST) program, Los Angeles. I will work on community detection with Professor Arash Amini in the coming months.
-- Chen, F., Amini, A. (2015). Variational EM approaches for Stochastic Block Model with covariates. [poster]

Feb. Our team is awarded Outstanding Winner in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM).


Sep. I set up a team named BINGO, of ZJU, to participate in the Contemporary Undergrad Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM), China. We win the First Prize!


Aug. I will be a voluntary teacher of Math in Yongpin No.2 high school, Dali, Yunnan Province. We are affiliated with West Region Attached Association (WRAA).


Sep. I am honored to join the Shing-Tung Yau Elite Program of Mathematics, affiliated with Center of Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Zhejiang University.

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