Statistics/F&W Ecology/Horticulture 572

Statistical Methods for the Bioscience II - Spring 2010

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Contact information

Instructor TA (dis. 311-312) TA (dis. 313-314)
Cecile Ane Fan Yang Yi Chai
Office1208 MSC 1335J MSC 1335D MSC
Phone 262-3901 262-8182 262-4782
email: name at ane fyang chaiyi
Office Hours T 11-noon and R 2-3pm F 1-3pm M 12-1pm and W 11-noon

Class HoursLec.1   TR 9:30-10:45  125 Agr Hall
Discussion sections   311T 1-2:15133 SMI
312W 2:30-3:45367 Van Hise
313W 1-2:152335 Sterling
314T 4-5:15133 SMI

Recommended Textbook: Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology, 3rd Ed. By Mead, Curnow and Hasted.
The textbook from last semester, by Whitlock and Schluter, has a few chapters that will definitely be useful in this course.
Here is a link to the book Practical Regression and Anova using R by Julian J. Faraway, quite similar to ref. [3] in the syllabus: pdf


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