Statistics Year 4 VISP (Visiting International Student Program)

The Department of Statistics (STAT), in the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison), has established an opportunity for a limited number of qualified undergraduate students in appropriate programs at Selected International Universities (SIU) to attend courses at UW-Madison as non-degree visiting international students in a “Year 4” of baccalaureate study through the Visiting International Student Program (VISP), which is coordinated by the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies (DCS).

  1. SIU Programs: SIU Programs will include selected programs in statistics, mathematics and related fields (such as finance and economics) at those SIU institutions. SIU Programs will be selected based on existing academic relationships and expected ability to provide sufficient students. Suitability is determined by STAT.
  2. Selection of Students: SIU Programs will nominate undergraduate students each year to study as full-time, non-degree seeking students through VISP for a period of no more than one year (Fall and Spring terms). The number of students admitted will depend on capacity considerations of STAT. SIU Programs will delegate representatives to select students of good academic standing. Students nominated from SIU Programs to participate will:
    • Have completed three years of study in a suitable SIU Program;
    • Have achieved an average of 75% or greater (equivalent to a “B” or 3.0 or better on a U.S. 4-point grading scale) in their first three years of study at SIU;
    • Have achieved an average of at least 75% in all Mathematics and Applied Mathematics courses (equivalent to a “B” or 3.0 or better on a U.S. 4-point grading scale) taken in the first three years of study at SIU;
    • Have sufficient English language skills to complete their academic program, a minimum total TOEFL score of 85 (iBT) or IELTS overall score of 6.5 (; and
    • Meet all requirements for admission to VISP (

    UW-Madison reserves the right of final admission approval. The names of students approved for admission to the program by STAT will be forwarded to the VISP coordinator in DCS. The DCS VISP coordinator will direct approved students to complete an online application for admission ( and enter a final decision when all requirements are fulfilled.

  3. Visa and Arrival Information: See
  4. Courses and Enrollment:
    • Full-time enrollment: In accordance with US government regulations, all SIU students participating in Year 4 VISP must enroll full-time each semester of study at UW-Madison. Full-time enrollment for undergraduate-level students equates to between 12-18 academic credits.
    • Enrollment: SIU students will enroll in 12 credits of undergraduate and/or graduate-level UW-Madison Department of Statistics courses identified by STAT. Students accepted into the Year 4 VISP will not be permitted to apply to transfer into other UW-Madison academic programs.
    • Course Selection: SIU Programs and STAT representatives will work together on course selection. STAT has final determination on availability and selection of courses.
  5. Credit transfer: SIU Programs are responsible for authorizing transfer of credits earned by SIU students registered at UW-Madison. The DCS VISP coordinator will inform students of the process of ordering official UW-Madison transcripts that can be sent to SIU Programs.
  6. Advising: SIU Programs and STAT will jointly determine which courses Year 4 students must take in order to satisfy the degree requirements set out by SIU Programs. STAT will provide local course advising in collaboration with SIU Program colleagues.
  7. Thesis: UW-Madison will not be responsible for possible theses to be produced by SIU students in completion of their baccalaureate degrees at SIU Programs. In particular, VISP students cannot enroll in Stat 681 or 682 (Senior Honors Thesis).
  8. Posting: This information will be posted on the STAT web pages. It may be changed at any time without prior notification; any changes would apply to the next cohort of SIU students.

Program Administration: The SIU Programs, STAT and DCS will be responsible for the administration of the Year 4 Statistics VISP.

Created May 2014; posted Jun 2014.