Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
23 On the bayesian estimation of multivariate regression Tiao, G.C. & Zellner, A. 1963 PDF icon TR23.pdf
22 Bayesian analysis of the regression model with autocorrelated errors Zellner, A. & Tiao, G.C. 1963 PDF icon TR22.pdf
21 Sequential design of experiments for non-linear models Box, G.E.P. & Hunter, W.G. 1963 PDF icon TR21.pdf
20 Estimating missing values in unreplicated two-level factorial and fractional factorial designs Draper, N.R. & Stoneman, D.M. 1963 PDF icon TR20.pdf
19 Further contributions to adaptive quality control: simultaneous estimation of dynamics: non-zero costs Box, G.E.P. & Jenkins, G.M. 1963 PDF icon TR19.pdf
18 A model-building technique for chemical engineering kinetics Hunter, W.G. & Mezaki, R. 1963 PDF icon TR18.pdf
17 A note on criterion robustness and inference robustness Box, G.E.P. & Tiao, G.C. 1963 PDF icon TR17.pdf
16 A byesian approach to the importance of assumptions applied to the comparison of variances Box, G.E.P. & Tiao, G.C. 1963 PDF icon TR16.pdf
15 A bayesian approach to some best population problems Guttman I. & Tiao, G.C. 1963 PDF icon TR15.pdf
14 Bayes' theorem and the use of prior knowledge in regression analysis George, G.C., Tiao C. & Zellner A. 1963 PDF icon TR14.pdf
13 A working adaptive optimizer Altpeter, R.J., Box, G.E.P., Frey, A.L. & Kotnour K.D. 1963 PDF icon TR13.pdf
12 "Ridge analysis" of response surfaces Draper, N.R. 1963 PDF icon TR12.pdf
11 Dynamics of an adaptive optimizing chemical process Rajaraman, V. 1962 PDF icon TR11.pdf
10 The choice of a second order rotatable design Box, G.E.P. & Draper, N.R. 1962 PDF icon TR10.pdf
9 Criteria for judging adequacy of estimation by an approximating response function Box, G.E.P & Wetz, J. 1964 PDF icon TR9.pdf
8 Some statistical aspects of adaptive optimization and control Box, G.E.P. & Jenkins, G.M. 1962 PDF icon TR08.pdf
7 A further look at robustness via bayes' theorem Box, G.E.P. & Tiao, G.C. 1961 PDF icon TR7.pdf
6 Feasibility study of electronic optimizing loop Heckman, D.W., Hunter, W.G. & Rajaraman, V. 1961 PDF icon TR6.pdf
5 Theory of a two-parameter adaptive control system Rajaraman, V. 1961 PDF icon TR5.pdf
4 Robustness to non-normality of regression tests Box, G.E.P. & Watson, G.S. 1961 PDF icon TR4.pdf