Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
63 Design of experiments for parameter estimation in multiresponse situations Draper, N.R. & Hunter, W.G. 1966 PDF icon TR63.pdf
62 Response surface methodology: A review Hill, W.J. & Hunter, W.G. 1966 PDF icon TR62.pdf
61 The effect of experimental error on the determination of the optimum metal- cutting conditions Wu, S.M. & Ermer D.S. 1966 PDF icon TR61.pdf
60 Transformation of life-test data Draper, N.R. & Guttman, I. 1965 PDF icon TR60.pdf
59 Planning experiments for fundamental process characterization Hunter, W.G. & Atkinson, A.C. 1965 PDF icon TR59.pdf
58 A discrete predictor controller applied to sinusoidal perturbation adaptive optimization Box, G.E.P. Altpeter R.J. & Kotnour, K.D. 1965 PDF icon TR58.pdf
57 The use of second order "spherical" and "cuboidal" designs in the wrong regions Draper, N.R. & Lawrence, W.E. 1965 PDF icon TR57.pdf
56 Bayesian approaches to some bothersome problems in data analysis Box, G.E.P. 1965 PDF icon TR56.pdf
55 Evolutionary operation: A review Hunter, W.G. & Kittrell, J.R. 1965 PDF icon TR55.pdf
54 Bayesian analysis of random-effect models in the analysis of variance. II. effect of autocorreclated errors Tiao, G.C. & Tan, W.Y. 1965 PDF icon TR54.pdf
53 Missing values in multivariate statistics II. point estimation in simple linear regression Afifi, A.A. & Elashoff, R.M. 1965 PDF icon TR53.pdf
52 Missing values in multivariate statistics I. review of the literature Afifi, A.A. & Elashoff, R.M. 1965 PDF icon TR52.pdf
51 Discrimination among mechanistic models Box, G.E.P & Hill, W.J. 1965 PDF icon TR51.pdf
50 Goodness of fit Guttman, I 1965 PDF icon TR50.pdf
49 Bayesian comparison of means of a mixed model with application to regression analysis Tiao, G.C. 1965 PDF icon TR49.pdf
48 Mixture designs for four factors (no copies) Draper, N.R. & Willard, E. 1964
47 Multiparameter problems from a bayesian point of view Box, G.E.P. & Tiao, G.C. 1965 PDF icon TR47.pdf
46 Use and abuse of regression Box, G.E.P. 1965 PDF icon TR46.pdf
45 Mathematical models for adaptive control and optimization Box, G.E.P. & Jenkins, G.M. 1965 PDF icon TR45.pdf
44 An exploratory study of taylor's tool-life equation by power transformations Wu, S.M., Ermer, D.S. & Hill, W.J. 1964 PDF icon TR44.pdf