Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
164 Charts for the interpretation of low order autoregressive-moving average models Stralkowski, C.M. & Wu, S.M. 1968 PDF icon TR164.pdf
163 Independence and statistical reduction for invariant models Bondar, J. 1968 PDF icon TR163.pdf
162 Bayesian stratified two-phase sampling results: k characteristics Draper, N.R. & Guttman, I. 1968 PDF icon 162.pdf
161 Which product is better? Draper, N.R., Hunter, W.G & Tierney, D.E. 1968 PDF icon 161.pdf
160 Nonparametric estimation of the transition distribution function of a markov process Roussas, G.G. 1968 PDF icon 160.pdf
159 bayesian estimation of latent roots and vectors, with pecial reference to the bivariate normal distribution Tiao, G.C. & Fienberg S. 1968 PDF icon 159.pdf
158 The variance of spectrum estimates Neave, H.R. 1968 PDF icon 158.pdf
157 A form of optimum weighting system for spectrum estimates Neave, H.R. 1968 PDF icon 157.pdf
156 A comparison of lag window generators Neave, H.R. 1968 PDF icon 156.pdf
155 On some properties of nonparametric estimates of probability density functions Roussas, G.G. 1968 PDF icon 155.pdf
154 Distribution of residual autocorrelations in integrated autoregressive-moving average time series models Box, G.E.P. & Pierce, D.A. 1968 PDF icon 154.pdf
153 The asymptotic variance of spectrum estimates using initially scarace data Neave, H.R. 1968 PDF icon 153.pdf
152 Spectral analysis of a stationary time-series using initially scarce data Neave, H.R. 1968 PDF icon 152.pdf
151 Asymptotically most powerful tests in markov processes Johnson, R.A. & Roussas G.G. 1968 PDF icon 151.pdf
150 Procedures for a best population problem when the criterion of bestness involves a fixed tolerance region Guttman, I. & Milton, R.C. 1968 PDF icon 150.pdf
149 Residuals in two dimensions Draper, N.R. & Lawrence, W.E. 1968 PDF icon 149.pdf
148 An improved formula for the asymptotic variance of spectrum estimates Neave, N.R. 1968 PDF icon 148.pdf
147 Building a mathematical model to predict transient drilling temperature responses Sazena, U.K. & Wu. S.M. 1968 PDF icon 147.pdf
146 Asymptotic expansions associated with posterior distributions Johnson, R.A 1968 PDF icon 146.pdf
145 On the distribution of some statistics useful in the analysis of jointly stationary time series Wahba, G. 1968 PDF icon 145.pdf