Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1085 Modal clustering in a univariate class of product partition models Dahl, D. 2003 PDF icon tr1085.pdf
1084 Doubly penalized likelihood estimator in heteroscedastic regression Yuan, M., Wahba, G. 2003 PDF icon tr1084.pdf
1083 Automatic smoothing for poisson regression Yuan, M. 2003 PDF icon tr1083.pdf
1082 Cross-validated local likelihood estimates in the exponential family (preliminary report) Zhang, C. 2003 PDF icon tr1082.pdf
1081 Probabilistic connectivity measure in diffusion tensor imaging via anisotropic kernel smoothing Chung, M., Lazar, M., Alexender, A.L., Lu, Y., Davidson, R. 2003 PDF icon tr1081.pdf
1080 The 2003 wald lectures Wahba, G., Lee, Y., Lin, Y., Zhang, H.H., Nychka, D. & Wong, W.H. 2003 PDF icon tr1080.pdf
1079 Reproducing kernel hilbert spaces - two brief reviews Wahba, G. 2003 PDF icon tr1079.pdf
1078 Modeling spatial-temporal binary data Using markov random fields Zhu, J., Huang, H.C., & Wu, C.T. 2003 PDF icon tr1078.pdf
1077 A multiresolution tree-structured spatial linear model Zhu, J. & Yue, W. 2003 PDF icon tr1077.pdf
1076 Computational methods for multiple level linear mixed-effects models Debroy, S. & Bates, D.M. 2003 PDF icon tr1076.pdf
1075 Cloud classification on satellite radiance data by multicategory support vector machines Lee, Y., Wahba, G., & Ackerman, S.A. 2003 PDF icon tr1075.pdf
1074 Detecting differential gene expression with a semiparametric hierarchical mixture method Newton, M.A., Noueiry, A., Sarkar, D. & Ahlquist, P. 2003 PDF icon tr1074.pdf
1073 Computational methods for single level linear mixed-effects models Debroy, S. & Bates, D.M. 2003 PDF icon tr1073.pdf
1072 Component selection and smoothing in smoothing spline analysis of variance models Lin, Y. & Zhang, H. 2002 PDF icon tr1072.pdf
1071 Comparison of spatial variables over subregions using a block Zhu, J. & Morgan, G.D. 2002 PDF icon tr1071.pdf
1070 Weak convergence of blockwise bootstrapped empirical processes for stationary random fields with statistical applications Zhu, J. & Lahiri, S.N. 2002 PDF icon tr1070.pdf
1069 Asymptotic inference for spatial CDFs over time Zhu, J., Lahiri, S.N. & Cressie, N. 2002 PDF icon tr1069.pdf
1068 Racetrack betting and consensus of subjective probabilities Lin, Y. & Brown, L. 2002 PDF icon tr1068.pdf
1067 Soft and hard classification by reproducing kernel space methods Wahba, G. 2002 PDF icon tr1067.pdf
1066 Nonparametric variable selection and model building via likelihood basis pursuit Zhang, H. 2002 PDF icon tr1066.pdf