Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
224 Residuals and their variance patterns Behnken, D.W. & Draper, N.R. 1970 PDF icon TR224.pdf
223 Behavior of the autocorrelation function of mixed autoregressive moving average models MacCormick, A.J.A. & Watts, D.G. 1970 PDF icon TR223.pdf
222 Analysis of telephone data: A case study of forecasting seasonal time series Tiao, G.C. & Thompson, H.E. 1970 PDF icon TR222.pdf
221 Comparison of ratio estimators in two-phase sampling deGraft-Johnson, K.T., Sedransk, J. 1970 PDF icon TR221.pdf
220 An extension of the t-method of multiple comparison to include the case with unequal sample sizes Spjøtvoll, E. 1969 PDF icon TR220.pdf
219 Likelihood ratio confidence sets Spjøtvoll, E. 1969 PDF icon TR219.pdf
218 Uniform convergence rates for certain approximate solutions to first kind integral equations Wahba, G. 1970 PDF icon TR218.pdf
217 On the numerical solution of fredhom integral equations of the first kind Wahba, G. 1969 PDF icon TR217.pdf
216 The expected sample autocorrelation function of some important non-stationary time series models Box, G.E.P. & Wichern, D.W. 1970 PDF icon TR216.pdf
215 Further consideration of the distribution of the multiple correlation coefficient* Gurland, J. & Milton, R. 1969 PDF icon TR215.pdf
214 A selected bayesian statistics bibliography Miller, R.B. 1969 PDF icon TR214.pdf
213 Partial autocorrelations from a bayesian viewpoint and orthogonal parametrization Box, G.E.P., Jenkins, G. & Guttman, I. 1969 PDF icon TR213.pdf
212 Some problems in the analysis of multiresponse models Box, G.E.P., Hunter, W. G., Erjavec, J. & McGregor, J. F. 1969 PDF icon TR212.pdf
211 Model fitting and discrimination* Box, G.E.P. & Henson, T.L. 1969 PDF icon TR211.pdf
210 A disguised wishart variable and its application to bayesian construction of b-expectation tolerance regions Tan, W.Y. & Guttman, I 1969 PDF icon TR210.pdf
209 Errors in the factor levels and experimental design, part III. the case of a second order model Draper, N.R. & Beggs, W.J. 1969 PDF icon TR209.pdf
208 On lack of fit Draper, N.R. & Herzberg, A.M. 1969 PDF icon TR208.pdf
207 Factorial designs, the |X'X| criterion, and some related matters. Box, M.J. & Draper, N.R. 1969 PDF icon TR207.pdf
206 A layer rank test for ordered bivariate alternatives Bhattacharyya, G.K. & Johnson, R.A. 1969 PDF icon TR206.pdf
205 The restricted matric-t distribution and its applications in deriving posterior distribution of parameters in multivariate regression analysis Tan, W.Y. 1969 PDF icon TR205.pdf