Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
244 A method of approximating distribution functions with applications to the gamma and related variates Gideon, R.A. & Gurland, J. 1970 PDF icon TR244.pdf
243 Estimation and design of experiments for growth rates when sampling from the poisson distribution Behnken, D.W. & Watts, D.G. 1970 PDF icon TR243.pdf
242 Estimation of domain means using two-phase sampling deGraft-Johnson, K.T. & Sedransk, J. 1970 PDF icon TR242.pdf
241 Note on the lack of fit in fitting responses by polynomials when there are two or more independent variables and when the errors are correlated Tan, W.Y. 1970 PDF icon TR241.pdf
240 Note on the attainment of lower bounds in estimating several parameters Tan, W.Y. 1970 PDF icon TR240.pdf
239 Estimating the transition between two intersecting straight lines Bacon, D.W. & Watts, D.G. 1970 PDF icon TR239.pdf
238 Note on a generalization of gauss-markov theorem of regression models Tan, W.Y. 1970 PDF icon TR238.pdf
237 On the approach to limiting bahadur efficiency Hwang, T.Y. & Klotz, J. 1970 PDF icon TR237.pdf
236 A polynomial algorithm for density estimation Wahba, G. 1970 PDF icon TR236.pdf
235 Bayesian analysis of a generalized regression model of Potthoff and Roy Tan, W.Y. 1970 PDF icon TR235.pdf
234 On the exponential approximation of a family of probability measures and a representation theorem of J. Hájek Roussas, G.G. & Soms, A. 1971 PDF icon TR234.pdf
233 Estimating the age of a galton-watson process Stigler, S.M. 1969 PDF icon TR233.pdf
232 Some comments on a paper of coen, gomme and kendall Box, G.E.P. & Newbold, P. 1970 PDF icon TR232.pdf
231 A note on interpolation over all the integers Wahba, G. 1970 PDF icon TR231.pdf
230 Inefficiency of some nonparametric tests for comparing samples from two life distributions Bhattacharyya, G.K. & Johnson, R.A. 1970 PDF icon TR230.pdf
229 Bayesian analysis of some multivariate regression models Tan, W.Y. & Guttman, I. 1970 PDF icon TR229.pdf
228 Modelling the consumption of frozen concentrated orange juice case study of time series analysis Tiao, G.C. & Pack, D.J. 1970 PDF icon TR228.pdf
227 Multiparameter differentiation in quadratic mean and asymptotically optimal tests for some failure distributions Lind, B. & Roussas, G. 1970 PDF icon TR227.pdf
226 On a histogram method of density estimation Van Ryzin, J. 1970 PDF icon TR226.pdf
225 Optimal experimental design for polynomial regression Stigler, S.M. 1970 PDF icon TR225.pdf