Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
264 Estimating the mean of a random binomial parameter Southward, G.M & Van Ryzin, J. 1971 PDF icon TR264.pdf
263 Some c-sample nonparametric tests for ordered alternatives Johnson, R.A. & Mehrotra, K.G. 1971 PDF icon TR263.pdf
262 Some radon-nikodym derivatives for processes equivalent to integrated weighted weiner processes Wahba, G. 1971 PDF icon TR262.pdf
261 Locally most powerful rank tests for the two-sample problem with censored data Johnson, R.A. & Mehrotra, K.G. 1971 PDF icon TR261.pdf
260 Bayesian estimation of the binomial parameter n Draper, N.R. & Guttman, I. 1971 PDF icon TR260.pdf
259 Statistical investigation of three storage allocation algorithms Purdom, P.W., Stigler, S.M. & Cheam, T.O 1970 PDF icon TR259.pdf
258 Empirical bayes slippage tests Van Ryzin, J. 1970 PDF icon TR258.pdf
257 A note on the regression design problem of sacks and ylvisaker Wahba, G. 1970 PDF icon TR257.pdf
256 Asymptotic theory for two estimators of the generalized failure rate function Rao, B.L.S. Prakasa & Van Ryzin, J. 1970 PDF icon TR256.pdf
255 A remark on some characterization of contiguity Roussas, G.G. & Soms, A. 1970 PDF icon TR255.pdf
254 On the optimality of some multiple comparison procedures Spjøtvoll, E. 254 PDF icon TR254.pdf
253 The distribution of certain regression statistics Draper, N.R., Guttman, I. & Kanemasu, H. 1970 PDF icon TR253.pdf
252 Some comparisons of the method of moments and the method of maximum likelihood in estimating parameters of a mixture of two normal densities Tan, W.Y. & Chang, W.C. 1970 PDF icon TR252.pdf
251 Forecasting using leading indicators Box, G.E.P. & Newbold, P. 1972 PDF icon TR251.pdf
250 A bayesian approach to the detection of outliers Guttman, I. 1970 PDF icon TR250.pdf
249 Empirical bayes procedures for multiple decision problems Van Ryzin, J. 1970 PDF icon TR249.pdf
248 Time series analysis of residential construction: A methodological note Miller, R.B. 1970 PDF icon TR248.pdf
247 Remarks on variance components: likelihood summits and flats Klots, J. & Putter, J. 1970 PDF icon TR247.pdf
246 The estimation of the probability of extinction and other parameters associated with branching processes Stigler, S.M. 1970 PDF icon TR246.pdf
245 Precision specifications for the estimation of treatment differences Sendransk, J. 1970 PDF icon TR245.pdf