Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
304 A method of obtaining the bivatiate normal probability over an arbitrary polygon Gideon, R.A. & Gurland, J. 1972 PDF icon TR304.pdf
303 Bayesian distribution theory for two phase sampling under non-standard conditions Guttman I. & Palit, C.D. 1972 PDF icon TR303.pdf
302 Bayesian estimation procedures for finite populations, single stage designs and normal populations Guttman I. & Palit, C.D. 1972 PDF icon TR302.pdf
301 Effect of auto-correlations on the optimum allocations in two phase stratified sampling Guttman I. & Palit, C.D. 1972 PDF icon TR301.pdf
300 Optimal allocation for two phase stratified samples when the within stratum observations are correlated -- a bayesian approach Guttman I. & Palit, C.D. 1972 PDF icon TR300.pdf
299 On the paretian stable behavior of stock-market prices Hsu, D.A., Miller, R.B. & Wichern, D.W. 1972 PDF icon TR299.pdf
298 Asymptotic sufficiency and asymptotically most powerful tests for the two sample consored situations Johnson, R.A. & Mehrotra, K.G. 1972 PDF icon TR298.pdf
297 Some comments on "bayes" estimators Tiao, G.C. & Box, G.E.P. 1972 PDF icon TR297.pdf
296 Computer programs for the analysis of univariate time series using the methods of box and jenkins Pack, D.J., Goodman, M.L. & Miller, R.B. 1972 PDF icon TR296.pdf
295 More on regression design, with applications Wahba, G. 1972 PDF icon TR295.pdf
294 The asymptotic distribution of the trimmed mean Stigler, S.M. 1972 PDF icon TR294.pdf
293 Asymptotic behavior of time series aggregates Tiao, G.C. 1972 PDF icon TR293.pdf
292 Some prior distributions arising from the study of risk theory Miller, R.B. 1972 PDF icon TR292.pdf
291 Asymptotic distribution of the likelihood function in the independent not identically distributed case Philippou, A.N. & Roussas, G.G. 1972 PDF icon TR291.pdf
290 Correlation and the performance of one-sided cumulative sum tests Johnson, R.A. & Bagshaw, M. 1972 PDF icon TR290.pdf
289 Asymptotic normality of the maximum likelihood estimate in the independent not identically distributed case Philippou, A.N. & Roussas, G.G. 1971 PDF icon TR289.pdf
288 Estimating the mean of a random ninomial parameter with trial size random Van Ryzin, J. 1973 PDF icon TR288.pdf
287 An iterative method to approximate the solution of a fredholm integral equation of the first kind Viort, N.L. 1971 PDF icon TR287.pdf
286 Bernouli trials with dependence Klotz, J. H. 1971 PDF icon TR286.pdf
285 Nonparametric tests for ordered alternatives in the bivariate case Mehrotra, k.G. & Johnson, R.A. 1971 PDF icon TR285.pdf