Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1105 Magnetic resonance image segmentation with thin plate spline thresholding Xie, X., Chung, M. & Wahba, G. 2005 PDF icon tr1105.pdf
1104 Anisotropic kernel smoothing in diffusion tensor imaging: theoretical framework Chung, M.K., Lee, J.E. & Alexender, A.L. 2005 PDF icon tr1104.pdf
1103 Automatic classification of high angular resolution diffusion data. Carew, J., Wahba, G., Koay, C.G.Wu, Y., Alexander, A. & Meyerand, M. E. 2005 PDF icon tr1103.pdf
1102 On estimation and prediction of multivariate multiresolution tree-structured spatial linear model Yue, W. & Zhu, J. 2005 PDF icon tr1102.pdf
1101 Subpixel morphometric analysis of corpus callosum with application to autismn Hoffmannm, T.J. 2005 PDF icon tr1101.pdf
1100 An effective method for high dimensional log-density ANOVA estimation, with application to nonparametric graphical model building Jeon, Y. & Lin, Y. 2004 PDF icon tr1100.pdf
1099 On Estimating the polyclonal fraction in lineage-marker studies of tumor origin Newton, M.A. 2005 PDF icon tr1099.pdf
1098 A characterization of the log density smoothing spline ANOVA models Lin, Y. & Jeon, Y. 2004 PDF icon tr1098.pdf
1097 Regression modeling of semi-competing risks data Peng, L., Fine, J.P. & Chappell, R. 2004 PDF icon tr1097.pdf
1096 Nonparametric estimation with left truncated semi-competing risks data Peng, L. & Fine, J.P. 2004 PDF icon tr1096.pdf
1095 Model selection and estimation in regression with grouped variables Yuan, M & Lin, Y 2004 PDF icon tr1095.pdf
1094 Some problems in model selection Leng, C. 2004 PDF icon tr1094.pdf
1093 Automatic smoothing and variable selection via regularization Yuan, M. 2004 PDF icon tr1093.pdf
1092 Efficient empirical bayes variable selection and estimation in linear models Lin, Y. & Yuan, M. 2004 PDF icon tr1092.pdf
1091 A note on the lASSO and related procedures in model selection Leng, C., Lin, Y. & Wahba, G. 2004 PDF icon tr1091.pdf
1090 Heat kernel smoothing and its application to cortical manifolds Chung M. 2004 PDF icon tr1090.pdf
1089 Less white matter concentration: 2D voxel-based morphometry Chung, M., Dalton, K., Alexander, A.L. & Davidson, R. 2004 PDF icon tr1089.pdf
1088 Estimating arterial wall shear stress Carew, J., Dalal, R., Wahba, G. & Fain, S. 2003 PDF icon tr1088.pdf
1087 Unavailable Jin, C. 2003
1086 An improved merge-split sampler for conjugate dirichlet process mixture models Dahl, D. 2003 PDF icon tr1086.pdf