Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
784 Partial and interaction splines for the semiparametric estimation of functions of several variables Wahba, G. 1986 PDF icon tr784.pdf
783 Accelerated life tests: An overview and some recent advances Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1986 PDF icon tr783.pdf
782 A bivariate inverse gaussian distribution Banerjee, A.K. 1986 PDF icon tr782.pdf
781 Tree-structured classification via generalized discriminant analysis Loh, W.Y. & Vanichsetakul, N. 1986 PDF icon tr781.pdf
780 Convergence rates for the bootstrapped product limit process Yandell, B.S. & Horvath, L. 1986 PDF icon tr780.pdf
779 Bootstrapped multi-dimensional product limit process Yandell, B.S. & Horvath, L. 1986 PDF icon tr779.pdf
778 Heteroscedasticity-robustness of jackknife variance estimators in linear models Shao, J. 1985 PDF icon tr778.pdf
777 Partial spline models for the inclusion of tropopause and frontal boundary information in othewise smooth two and three dimensional objective analysis Shiau, J.J., Wahba, G. & Johnson, D.R. 1985 PDF icon tr777.pdf
776 On a bayesian solution to the multivariate Behrens-Fisher problem Johnson, R.A. & Weerahandi, S. 1985 PDF icon tr776.pdf
775 GCVPACK - routines for generalized cross validation Bates, D.M. Lindstrom, M.J. Wabha, G. & Yandell, B.S. 1985 PDF icon tr775.pdf
774 Modified two-stage decision problems Clayton, M.K. 1985 PDF icon tr774.pdf
773 Monitoring ground water quality: A Bayesian Approach Banerjee, A.K., Plantinga, P.L. & Ramirez, J. 1985 PDF icon tr773.pdf
772 Computation of exact significance probabilities for generalized sum-of-scores tests: An algorithm and Pascal Program Yandell B.S. & Lindahl, Jr., K.Q. 1985 PDF icon tr772.pdf
771 Estimation of linear regression parameters under type-II censoring Mehrotra, K.G. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1985 PDF icon tr771.pdf
770 On the statistical weight of serological evidence Cox, D.D. 1985 PDF icon tr770.pdf
769 Small sample porperties of spatial autocorrelations Taam, W. & Yandell, B.S. 1985 PDF icon tr769.pdf
768 Smoothing spline estimation of functions with discontinuities Shiau, J.J.H. 1985 PDF icon tr768.pdf
767 On Bayes' theorem, paternity suits, and Wisconsin law Leonard, T. 1985 PDF icon tr767.pdf
766 A nonparametric approach to the truncated regression problem Tsui, K.W. & Wu, C.F. Jeff 1985 PDF icon tr766.pdf
765 Applied regression analysis bibliography update 1981-85 Bates, D.M. & Draper, N.R. 1985 PDF icon tr765.pdf