Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1145 Graph-based data analysis: tree-structured covariance estimation, prediction by regularized kernel estimation and aggregate database query processing for probabilistic inference Corrada Bravo, H. 2008 PDF icon tr1145.pdf
1144 A phylogenetic mixture model for the evolution of gene expression Eng, K. H., Corrada Bravo, H., Wahba, G. & Keles, S. 2008 PDF icon tr1144.pdf
1143 A linear mixed effects clustering model for multi-species time course gene expression data Eng, K. H., Keles, S. & Wahba, G. 2008 PDF icon tr1143.pdf
1142 Estimating tree-structured covariance matrices via mixed-integer programming with an application to phylogenetic analysis of gene expression Corrada Bravo, H., Eng, K. H., Keles, S., Wahba, G. & Wright, S. 2008 PDF icon tr1142.pdf
1141 LASSO patternsearch algorithm with application to ophthalmology and genomic data Shi, W., Wahba, G., Wright, S., Lee, K., Klein, R. & Klein, B. 2008 PDF icon tr1141.pdf
1140 Detecting disease causing genes by LASSO-patternsearch algorithm Shi, W., Lee, K. & Wahba, G. 2008 PDF icon tr1140.pdf
1139 Penalties Paid for ignoring the correlation between intensity channels in gene-expression analysis (no copies) Cho, S-H,. Kosorok, M., Johnson, R. 2007
1138 Visualizing abnormal climate changes in Central America from 1995 to 2000 Cho, S.-H. & Chun, H. 2007 PDF icon tr1138.pdf
1137 Confidence intervals based on survey data with nearest neighbor imputation Shao, J. & Wang, H. 2007 PDF icon tr1137.pdf
1136 Statistical learning in medical data analysis Wahba, G. 2007 PDF icon tr1136.pdf
1135 Semiparametric detection of significant activation for Brain fMRI Zhang, C. & Yu, T. 2007 PDF icon tr1135.pdf
1134 A formula for the correlation between random-set enrichment scores Newton, M.A. 2006 PDF icon tr1134.pdf
1133 Statistical methods for magnetic resonance images Carew, J. 2006 PDF icon tr1133.pdf
1132 The asymptotic behavior of the nonlinear estimators of the diffusion tensor and tensor-derived quantities with implications for group analysis Carew, J.D., Koay, C.G., Wahba, G., Alexander, A.L., Meyer, M.E. & Basser, P.J. 2006 PDF icon tr1132.pdf
1131 LASSO-patternsearch algorithm with application to ophthalmology data Wahba, G., Wright, S., Lee, K., Klein, R. & Klein, B. 2006 PDF icon tr1131.pdf
1130 Random-set methods identify distinct aspects of the enrichment signal in gene-set analysis Newton, M.A., Quintana, F.A., den Boon, J.A., Sengupta, S. & Ahlquist,P. 2006 PDF icon tr1130.pdf
1129 Gaussian process models for computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative factors Qian, Z., Wu, H., Wu & C.F. Jeff 2007 PDF icon tr1129.pdf
1128 Visualizing abnormal climate changes in Central America from 1995 to 2000-data expo 2006 Cho, S.H. & Chun, H. 2006 PDF icon tr1128.pdf
1127 Bregman divergence: fusing regression and classification with parametric and nonparametric estimation "preliminary report" Zhang, C. & Jiang, Y. 2006 PDF icon tr1127.pdf
1126 Spatially adaptive functional linear regression with functional smooth lasso "preliminary report" Zhang, C. & Lu, Y. 2006 PDF icon tr1126.pdf