Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
804 Bernoulli bandits with covariates Clayton, M.K. 1987 PDF icon tr804.pdf
803 Two-stage bandits Clayton, M.K. & Witmer, J.A. 1987 PDF icon tr803.pdf
802 Optimal rank tests for samples censored at the same fixed point Chen, S.M. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1987 PDF icon tr802.pdf
801 Exact confidence bounds for an exponential parameter under hybrid censoring Chen, S.M. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1987 PDF icon tr801.pdf
800 Asymptotics of conditional empirical processes Yandell, B.S. & Horvath, L. 1987 PDF icon tr800.pdf
799 Sampling and resampling: an efficient approximation to jackknife variance estimators Shao, J. 1987 PDF icon tr799.pdf
798 Multivariate time series projections of parameterized age-specific fertility rates Thompson, P.A., Bell, W., Long, J. & Miller, R.B. 1987 PDF icon tr798.pdf
797 Some general theory for the jackknife Shao, J. & Wu, C.F. Jeff 1986 PDF icon tr797.pdf
796 Results for generalized inbreeding systems Arzberger, P. 1986 PDF icon tr796.pdf
795 Infinite order U-statistics Frees, E.W. 1986 PDF icon tr795.pdf
794 Resampling inference with complex survey data Rao, J.N.K. & Wu, C.F. Jeff 1986 PDF icon tr794.pdf
793 A note on the structure of regular inbreeding systems Arzberger, P. 1986 PDF icon tr793.pdf
792 A stepwise approach for the purely periodic interaction spline model Chen, Z. 1986 PDF icon tr792.pdf
791 An example of a regular inbreeding system with cubic ancestral growth Arzberger, P. 1986 PDF icon tr791.pdf
790 Testing the (parametric) null model hypothesis in (semiparametric) partial and generalized spline models Wahba, G., Cox, D., Koh, E. & Yandell, B.S. 1986 PDF icon tr790.pdf
789 Election recounting Harris, B. 1986 PDF icon tr789.pdf
788 On resampling methods for variance and bias estimation in linear models Shao, J. 1986 PDF icon tr788.pdf
787 A smoothing spline based test of model adequacy in polynomial regression Cox, D.D. & Koh, E. 1986 PDF icon tr787.pdf
786 Three topics in ill-posed problems Wahba, G. 1986 PDF icon tr786.pdf
785 Stress-strength models for reliability Johnson, R.A. 1986 PDF icon tr785.pdf