Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
864 A note on generalized cross validation with replicates Gu, C., Heckman, N. & Wahba, G. 1990 PDF icon tr864.pdf
863 First and second order rotatability of experimental designs, moment matrices, and information functions Draper, N.R., Gaffke, N. & Pukelsheim, F. 1990 PDF icon tr863.pdf
862 Analysis of first-order spatial bilateral ARMA models Basu, S. & Reinsel, G.C. 1990 PDF icon tr862.pdf
861 Loosely coupled nonlinear least squares Soo, Y.W. & Bates, D.M. 1989 PDF icon tr861.pdf
860 Attainability of the optimal global rates of convergence in nonparametric quantile regression Chaudhuri, P. 1989 PDF icon tr860.pdf
859 Comparative semi-parametric inference for survivor distributions Leonard, T., Hsu, J.S.J. & Tsui, K.W. 1989 PDF icon tr859.pdf
858 An interpretation of the house of quality based on decision theory Carriere, J. & Finster, M. 1989 PDF icon tr858.pdf
857 Rkpack and its applications: fitting smoothing spline models Gu, C. 1989 PDF icon tr857.pdf
856 Contributions to the theory of random mappings Harris, B. 1989 PDF icon tr856.pdf
855 Inference procedures for a bivariate exponential model of gumbel based on life test of component and system Lu, J.C. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1989 PDF icon tr855.pdf
854 Interaction spline models and their convergence rates Chen, Z. 1989 PDF icon tr854.pdf
853 Generalized spline models: a convenient algorithm for optimal smoothing Gu, C. 1989 PDF icon tr853.pdf
852 Regularization and cross validation methods for nonlinear, implicit, ill-posed inverse problems Wahba, G. 1989 PDF icon tr852.pdf
851 Approximate inferences in multiresponse regression analysis Kang, G. & Bates, D.M. 1989 PDF icon tr851.pdf
850 A generalization of the eulerian numbers with a probabilistic application Harris, B & Park, C.J. 1989 PDF icon tr850.pdf
849 FACT and S Kademan, E. 1989 PDF icon tr849.pdf
848 Using Plackett and Burman designs with fewer the N-1 factors Draper, N.R. & Lin, K.J. 1988 PDF icon tr848.pdf
847 Minimizing GCV/GML scores with multiple smoothing parameters via the Newton method Gu, C. & Wahba, G. 1988 PDF icon tr847.pdf
846 Some simple approximate solutions to the Behrens-Fisher problem Asiribo, O. & Gurland, J. 1988 PDF icon tr846.pdf
845 Analysis of ARIMA-noise models with repeated time series Wong, W.K. & Miller, R.B. 1988 PDF icon tr845.pdf