Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
885 Projection properties of Plackett and Burman designs Lin, K.J. & Draper, N.R. 1991 PDF icon tr885.pdf
884 Testing independence of bivariate circular data and weighted degerate U-statistics Shieh, S.R., Johnson, R.A. & Frees, E.W. 1991 PDF icon tr884.pdf
883 Response surface designs for multiple responses Kim, W.B. & Draper, N.R. 1991 PDF icon tr883.pdf
882 Density estimation in L Norm for dependent data with applications to the Gibbs sampler Yu, B. 1991 PDF icon tr882.pdf
881 Smoothing spline ANOVA with component-wise Bayesian confidence intervals Gu, C. & Wahba, G. 1991 PDF icon tr881.pdf
880 Edgeworth expansions for a test of fit in regression models Yu, B. 1991 PDF icon tr880.pdf
879 On optimal rate D-semifaithful coding Yu, B. & Speed, T.P. 1991 PDF icon tr879.pdf
878 The Griddy Gibbs sampler Ritter, C. & Tanner, M. 1991 PDF icon tr878.pdf
877 Simpson's paradox and the hot hand in basketball Wardrop, R.L. 1991 PDF icon tr877.pdf
876 Generating alias relationships for two-level Plackett and Burman designs Lin, K.J. & Draper, N.R. 1991 PDF icon tr876.pdf
875 Multivariate function and operator estimation, based on smoothing splines and reporducing kernels Wahba, G. 1991 PDF icon tr875.pdf
874 Estimating hot numbers and testing uniformity for the lottery Johnson, R.A. & Klotz, J. 1991 PDF icon tr874.pdf
873 Identification of active contrasts in unreplicated factorial experiments Loh, W.Y. 1990 PDF icon tr873.pdf
872 Multivariate model building with additive interaction and tensor product thin plate splines Wahba, G. 1990 PDF icon tr872.pdf
871 Regression trees and function estimation Chaudhuri, P., Huang, M.C., Loh, W.Y. & Yao, Y. 1990 PDF icon tr871.pdf
870 Nonlinear experiments: optimal design and inference based on likelihood Chaudhuri, P. 1990 PDF icon tr870.pdf
869 Convergence of kernel regression estimators Horvath, L., Yandell, B.S. & Sen, A. 1990 PDF icon tr869.pdf
868 An alternative lower tolerance limit for the normal effects effects model Chen, S.Y. & Harris, B. 1990 PDF icon tr868.pdf
867 Lower tolerance limits for the normal random effects model Harris, B. & Chen, S.Y. 1990 PDF icon tr867.pdf
866 Multivariate location estimation using extension of rank based procedures through U-statistics type approach Chaudhuri, P. 1990 PDF icon tr866.pdf