Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
905 Semiparametric bayesian inference for binary regression Newton, M.A., Czado, C. & Chappell, R. 1993 PDF icon tr905.pdf
904 A note on bootstrap large deviations and discrete parameter spaces Newton, M.A. 1993 PDF icon tr904.pdf
903 Generalized regression trees: function estimation via recursive partitioning and maximum likelihood Chaudhuri, P. Lo, W.D., Loh, W.Y. & Yang, C.C. 1993 PDF icon tr903.pdf
902 On combining data from multiple sources with unknown relative weights (Thesis) Gao, F. 1993 PDF icon tr902.pdf
901 Inference procedures for the linear failure rate model Sen, A. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1993 PDF icon tr901.pdf
900 The Bayesian analysis of categorical data - a selective review Leonard, T. & Hsu, S. J. 1993 PDF icon tr900.pdf
899 Soft classification, a.k.a. risk estimation, via penalized log likelihood and smoothing spline analysis of variance Wahba, G., Gu, C., Wang, Y. & Chappell R. 1993 PDF icon tr899.pdf
898 Smoothing splines and analysis of variance in function spaces Gu, C. & Wahba, G. 1992 PDF icon tr898.pdf
897 Bootstrap recycling: A Monte Carlo alternative to the nested bootstrap Newton, M.A. & Geyer, C.J. 1993 PDF icon tr897.pdf
896 Regeneration in Markov chain samplers Mykland, P., Tierney, L. & Yu, B. 1992 PDF icon tr896.pdf
895 A measure of slope rotatability over all directions Draper, N.R. & Ying, L. 1992 PDF icon tr895.pdf
894 On combining data from multiple sources with unknown relative weights Gao, F. 1992 PDF icon tr894.pdf
893 Estimating densities of functions of observations Frees, E.W. 1992 PDF icon tr893.pdf
892 Minimum cross-validation regression trees Yao, R. 1992 PDF icon tr892.pdf
891 Lower bounds on expected redundancy for classes of continuous Markov sources Yu, B. 1992 PDF icon tr891.pdf
890 Straight line regression when both variables are subject to error Draper, N.R. 1992 PDF icon tr890.pdf
889 A radically different approach to introductory statistics Wardrop, R.L. 1992 PDF icon tr889.pdf
888 A piecewise exponential model for reliability growth and associated inferneces Sen, A. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1992 PDF icon tr888.pdf
887 Bayesian inference for a covariance matrix Leonard, T. & Hsu, S.J., John 1991 PDF icon tr887.pdf
886 Combinatorial properties of sums of sequential ranks and their role in non-parametric statistical inference Harris, B & Park, C.J. 1991 PDF icon tr886.pdf