Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
925 Markov chain Monte Carlo based inference for quantitative trait loci in plant breeding Satagopan, J.M., Yandell, B.S. & Newton, M.A. 1994 PDF icon tr925.pdf
924 On identifiability in semiparametric hierarchical models Newton, M.A. 1994 PDF icon tr924.pdf
923 Bootstrapping phylogenies - large deviations and dispersion effects Newton, M.A. 1994 PDF icon tr923.pdf
922 Approximations to the logliklihood function in the nonlinear mixed effects model Pinheiro, J. & Bates, D.M. 1994 PDF icon tr922.pdf
921 Generalization and regularization in nonlinear learning systems Wahba, G. 1994 PDF icon tr921.pdf
920 Adaptive tuning of numerical weather prediction models - Part I randomized GCV and related methods in three and four dimensional data assimilation Wahba, G., Johnson, D.R. Gao, F. & Gong. J. 1994 PDF icon tr920.pdf
919 Confidence interval versus regions Draper, N.R. & Guttman, I. 1994 PDF icon tr919.pdf
918 SROAD designs for k>4 Ying, L., Pukelsheim, F. & Draper, N.R. 1994 PDF icon tr918.pdf
917 Influence diagnostics for longitudinal models Banerjee, M. & Frees, E.W. 1994 PDF icon tr917.pdf
916 On the connection between stochastic smoothing, filtering and estimation with incomplete data Feng, J. & Kurtz, T.G. 1994 PDF icon tr916.pdf
915 SROAD designs Ying, L., Pukelsheim, F. & Draper, N.R. 1994 PDF icon tr915.pdf
914 A reliability growth model under inherent and assignable-cause failures Sen, A. & Bhattacharyya, G.K. 1994 PDF icon tr914.pdf
913 Bootstrap confidence intervals for smoothing splines and their comparison to Bayesian confidence intervals Wahba, G. & Wang, Y. 1994 PDF icon tr913.pdf
912 Isolation of degrees of freedom for Bos-Behnken Designs - Part 2 Pozueta, L., Grove, D., Davis, T.P. & Draper, N.R. 1993 PDF icon tr912.pdf
911 Isolation of degrees of freedom for Box-Behnken designs Draper, N.R., Davis, T.P., Pozueta, L. & Grove, D. 1993 PDF icon tr911.pdf
910 Behavior near zero of the distribution of GCV smoothing parameter estimates Wahba, G. & Wang, Y. 1993 PDF icon tr910.pdf
909 Structured Machine Learning for 'soft' classification with smoothing spline ANOVA and stacked tuning, testing and evaluations Wahba, G., Wang, Y., Gu, C. & Klein, R. 1993 PDF icon tr909.pdf
908 Computing a family of reproducing kernels for statistical applications Thomas-Agnan, C. 1993 PDF icon tr908.pdf
907 How pooling failure data may reverse increasing failure rates Gurland, J. & Sethuraman, J. 1993 PDF icon tr907.pdf
906 Nonlinear mixed effects classes and methods for S Pinheiro, J., Bates, D.M, & Lindstrom, M. 1993 PDF icon tr906.pdf