Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
945 Multiresponse spline regression Soo, Y.W. & Bates, D.M. 1995 PDF icon tr945.pdf
944 Using Markov chain Monte Carlo in practice: A case study of deleterious gene structure in plants Lee, J., Newton, M.A. & Nordheim, E.V. 1995 PDF icon tr944.pdf
943 Generalization of the geometric mean functional relationship Draper, N.R. & Yang, Y. 1995 PDF icon tr943.pdf
942 GRKPACK: Fitting smoothing spline ANOVA models for exponential families Wang, Y. 1995 PDF icon tr942.pdf
941 Asymptotics for the GIC in model selection Shao, J. 1995 PDF icon tr941.pdf
940 Smoothing spline ANOVA for exponential families, with applications to the Wisconsin epidemiological study of diabetic retinopathy Wahba, G., Wang, Y., Gu, C. & Klein, R. 1994 PDF icon tr940.pdf
939 Random multigraphs, classification and clustering (no copies) Harris, Godehardt & Horsch 1994
938 Split selection methods for classification trees Loh, W.Y. & Shih, Y.S. 1994 PDF icon tr938.pdf
937 Variance estimation for stratified multistage samples with simple hot deck imputation Chen, Y. & Shao, J. 1994 PDF icon tr937.pdf
936 A diffuse prior limit in semiparametric binary regression Newton, M.A. 1994 PDF icon tr936.pdf
935 Small sample frequentist properties of Bernoulli two-armed bandit Bayesian strategies Clayton, M.K. & Ginebra, J. 1994 PDF icon tr935.pdf
934 Improvments on the myopic strategy for the Bernoulli two-armed bandit Clayton, M.K. & Ginebra, J. 1994 PDF icon tr934.pdf
933 On a theorem of Kelley Clayton, M.K. & Ginebra, J. 1994 PDF icon tr933.pdf
932 The response surface bandit Clayton, M.K. & Ginebra, J. 1994 PDF icon tr932.pdf
931 Model building for nonlinear mixed effects models Pinheiro, J., Bates, D.M, & Lindstrom, M. 1994 PDF icon tr931.pdf
930 A generalized approximate cross validation for smoothing splines with non-Gaussian data Xiang, D. & Wahba, G. 1994 PDF icon tr930.pdf
929 Some results of time-varying relationship model with measurement error Miller, R.B. & Chang, S.C. 1994 PDF icon tr929.pdf
928 Smoothing spline analysis of variance of data from exponential families Wang, Y. 1994 PDF icon tr928.pdf
927 Length biased distribution, equilibrium distribution and characterization of probability laws Sen, A. & Khattree, R. 1994 PDF icon tr927.pdf
926 Analysis of aerial survey data on Trichechus Manatus using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Newton, M.A., Craig, B.A. & Garrott, R.A. 1994 PDF icon tr926.pdf