Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
965 A partial predictive recursion Newton, M.A. & Zhang, Y.L. 1996 PDF icon tr965.pdf
964 Backfitting in smoothing spline ANOVA and an application to historical global temperature data Luo, Z. 1996 PDF icon tr964.pdf
963 Adaptive tuning of numerical weather prediction models - simultaneous estimation of weighting, smoothing and physical parameters Gong, J., Wahba, G., Johnson, D. & Tribbia, J. 1996 PDF icon tr963.pdf
962 Unknown Unknown 1996
961 Bayesian phyogenetic inference via Markov chain Monte Carlo methods Mau, B., Newton, M.A. & Larget, B. 1996 PDF icon tr961.pdf
960 The effects of model mis-specifications in the measurement error models Yang, Y. & Draper, N.R. 1996 PDF icon tr960.pdf
959 Response surface bibliography Draper, N.R. 1996 PDF icon tr959.pdf
958 Least squares estimation of regression parameters in mixed effect models with unmeasured covariates Shao, J. Palta, M. & Qu, R.P. 1996 PDF icon tr958.pdf
957 Model fitting and testing for non-Gaussian data with a large data set Xiang, D. 1996 PDF icon tr957.pdf
956 Using smoothing spline ANOVA to examine the relation of risk factors to the incidence and progression of diabetic retinopathy Wang, Y., Wahba, G. Gu, C., Klein, R. 1995 PDF icon tr956.pdf
955 An overview of design of experiments Draper, N.R. & Pukelsheim, F. 1995 PDF icon tr955.pdf
954 A note on remnant three-level second order designs Davis, T.P. & Draper, N.R. 1995 PDF icon tr954.pdf
953 Testing the generalized linear model null hypothesis versus 'smooth' alternatives Xiang, D. & Wahba, G. 1995 PDF icon tr953.pdf
952 Smoothing spline ANOVA fits for very large nearly regular data sets, with application to historical global climate data Wahba, G. & Luo, Z. 1995 PDF icon tr952.pdf
951 Comparing two means in count models having random effects - a UMPU test Omori, Y. & Johnso, R.A. 1995 PDF icon tr951.pdf
950 A multivariate multi-sample quantile test for ordered alternatives Johnson, R.A., Sim, S., Klein, B. & Klein, R. 1995 PDF icon tr950.pdf
949 Assessing the order of dependence for partially exchangeable binary data Quintana, F.A. & Newton, M.A. 1995 PDF icon tr949.pdf
948 Jump detection in regression surfaces Qiu, P. & Yandell, B.S. 1995 PDF icon tr948.pdf
947 Hybrid adaptive splines Luo, Z. & Wahba, G. 1995 PDF icon tr947.pdf
946 Odds ratio estimation in Bernoulli smoothing spline ANOVA models Wang, Y. 1995 PDF icon tr946.pdf