Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
985 Unbiased regression trees Loh, W.Y. 1997 PDF icon tr985.pdf
984 Support vector machines, reproducing kernel hilbert spaces and the randomized GACV 1 Wahba, G. 1997 PDF icon tr984.pdf
983 Markov chain monte carlo for bayesian analysis of evolutionary trees from aligned molecular sequences Mau, B., Newton, M.A. & Larget, B. 1997 PDF icon tr983.pdf
982 Approximate smoothing spline methods for large data sets in the binary case 1 Xiang, D. & Wahba, G. 1997 PDF icon tr982.pdf
981 Scale invariant local influence diagnostics Kosorok, M.R. & Wei, W.H. 1997 PDF icon tr981.pdf
980 Polynomial representations for response surface modeling (no copies) Draper & Pukelsheim 1997
979 An empirical comparison of decision trees and other classification methods Lim, T.S., Loh, W.Y. & Shih, Y.S. 1997 PDF icon tr979.pdf
978 Probability models and limit theorems for random interval graphs with applications to cluster analysis Harris, B. & Godehardt, E. 1997 PDF icon tr978.pdf
977 Mixture models based on homgeneous polynomials Draper, N.R. & Pukelsheim, F. 1997 PDF icon tr977.pdf
976 A note on convex stochastic dominance theory Li, C.K. & Wong, W.K. 1997 PDF icon tr976.pdf
975 An alternative approach to estimate regression coefficients Bian, G. & Wong, W.K. 1997 PDF icon tr975.pdf
974 Can the forecasts generated from P/E ration and bond yield be used to beat stock markets Wong, W.K. & Chew, B.K. 1997 PDF icon tr974.pdf
973 The exact Bahadur slope of the power-divergence statistics conditional on margins for testing indpendence in two-way contingency tables Kang, S.H. 1997 PDF icon tr973.pdf
972 An optimal property of Fisher's exact test in a r x c contingency table Kang, S.H. 1997 PDF icon tr972.pdf
971 An estimation method for the semi-parametric mixed effects model Tao, H., Palta, M., Yandell, B.S. & Newton, M.A. 1997 PDF icon tr971.pdf
970 Unknown Unknown 1996
969 Parametric partially exchangeable models for multiple binary sequences Quintana, F.A. & Newton, M.A. 1996 PDF icon tr969.pdf
968 Asymptotic properties of random interval graphs and their use in cluster analysis Godehardt, E. 1996 PDF icon tr968.pdf
967 Mixed effects smoothing spline ANOVA Wang, Y. 1996 PDF icon tr967.pdf
966 Smoothing spline models with correlated errors Wang, Y. 1996 PDF icon tr966.pdf