Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1165 Unavailable Grace Wahba 2011
1164 Learning higher-order graph structure with features by structure penalty Ding, S., Wahba, G. & Zhu, X. 2011 PDF icon tr1164.pdf
1163 On the asymptotics of maximum likelihood estimation for spatial linear models on a lattice Zheng, Y. & Zhu, J. 2010 PDF icon tr1163.pdf
1162 Technical report comming soon keles, S. 2012
1161 generalized measures of correlation Zheng, S., Shi, N.Z. & Zhang, Z. 2011 PDF icon tr1161.pdf
1160 asymptotic independence of correlation coe±cients and rank-preserving scale regeneration with ppplication to testing hypothesis of independence Zhang, Z., Qi, Y. & Ma, X. 2010 PDF icon tr1160.pdf
1159 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces with randomized covariate data Ma, X. 2010 PDF icon tr1159.pdf
1158 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces with randomized covariate data Ma, X., Dai, B., Klein, R., Klein, B., Lee, K. & Wahba, G. 2010 PDF icon tr1158.pdf
1157 Causal model selection tests in systems genetics Broman, A., Attie, A. & Yandell, B. 2010 PDF icon tr1157.pdf
1156 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces with randomized covariate non-Gaussian data Ma, X., Wahba, G. & Dai, B. 2009 PDF icon tr1156.pdf
1155 Encoding dissimilarity data for statistical model building Wahba, G. 2010 PDF icon tr1155.pdf
1154 Gamma-based clustering via ordered means with application to gene expression analysis Newton, M.A. & Chung, L.M. 2009 PDF icon tr1154.pdf
1153 Penalized Bregman divergence for large-dimensional regression and classification Zhang, C., Jiang, Y. & Chai, Y. 2010 PDF icon tr1153.pdf
1152 Nonparametric bayesian inference for the spectral density function of a random field Zheng, Y., Zhu, J. & Roy, A. 2009 PDF icon tr1152.pdf
1151 A Hierarchical Semi-Markov model for detecting enrichment with application to ChIP-Seq experiments Kuan, P.F., Pan, G. Thomson, J.A., Stewart, R & Keles, S. 2009 PDF icon tr1151.pdf
1150 A Non-Homogeneous Hidden Markov Model on First Order Differences for Automatic Detection of Nucleosome Positions Pei Fan Kuan, D. Huebert, A. Gasch, Sunduz Keles 2009
1149 The Adaptive Lasso for High-Dimensional Models under General Loss Yuan Jiang, Chunming Zhang 2008
1148 Examining the relative influence of familial, genetic and environmental covariate information in flexible risk models with application to ophthalmology data Corrada Bravo, H., Wahba, G., Lee, K., Klein, B., Klein R. & Lyengar, S. 2007 PDF icon tr1148.pdf
1147 LASSO-patternsearch algorithm Shi, W. 2008 PDF icon tr1147.pdf
1146 Causal graphical models in system genetics: a unified framework for joint inference of causal network and genetic architecture for correlated phenotypes (revised 2009) Chaibub Neto, E., Keller, M., Attie, A.D. & Yandell, B.S. 2008 PDF icon tr1146.pdf