Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year PDF
1180 Topics on distance correlation, feature screening and lifetime expectancy with application to Beaver Dam Eye Study data Jing Kong 2015 PDF icon tr1180.pdf
1179 Statistical justifications for computationally tractable network data analysis Tai Qin 2015 PDF icon TR1179.pdf
1174 A multi-functional analyzer uses parameter constraints to improve the efficiency of model-based gene-set analysis Wang, Z., Qiuling, H., Larget, B. & Newton, M.A. 2013 PDF icon tr1174.pdf
1173 Statistical model building, machine learning and the AhHa moment Wahba, G. 2013 PDF icon tr1173.pdf
1172 Using distance correlation and SS-ANOVA to assess assocations of familial relationships, lifestyles factors, diseases and mortality Kong, J., Klein, B., Klein, R., Lee D. & Wahba, G. 2012 PDF icon tr1172.pdf
1171 Multivariate bernoulli distribution model Dai, B. 2012 PDF icon tr1171.pdf
1170 Multivariate bernoulli distribution Dai, b>, Ding, S. & Wahba, G. 2012 PDF icon tr1170.pdf
1169 The highest dimensional stochastic blockmodel with a regularized estimator Rohe, K., Qin, T. & Fan, H. 2012 PDF icon tr1169.pdf
1168 Learning graph structure with parametric and non-parametric models Ding, S. 2012 PDF icon tr1168.pdf
1167 Co-clustering for Directed Graphs: the Stochastic Co-Blockmodel and a Spectral Algorithm Karl Rohe, Bin Yu 2012 PDF icon tr1167.pdf
1166 The Partitioned LASSO-Patternsearch Algorithm With Application to Gene Expression Data Shi, W., Wahba, G., Irizarry, R., Corrada Bravo, H., Wright, S. 2012 PDF icon tr1166r.pdf
1164 Learning higher-order graph structure with features by structure penalty Ding, S., Wahba, G. & Zhu, X. 2011 PDF icon tr1164.pdf
1163 On the asymptotics of maximum likelihood estimation for spatial linear models on a lattice Zheng, Y. & Zhu, J. 2010 PDF icon tr1163.pdf
1162 Technical report comming soon keles, S. 2012
1161 generalized measures of correlation Zheng, S., Shi, N.Z. & Zhang, Z. 2011 PDF icon tr1161.pdf
1160 asymptotic independence of correlation coe±cients and rank-preserving scale regeneration with ppplication to testing hypothesis of independence Zhang, Z., Qi, Y. & Ma, X. 2010 PDF icon tr1160.pdf
1159 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces with randomized covariate data Ma, X. 2010 PDF icon tr1159.pdf
1158 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel hilbert spaces with randomized covariate data Ma, X., Dai, B., Klein, R., Klein, B., Lee, K. & Wahba, G. 2010 PDF icon tr1158.pdf
1157 Causal model selection tests in systems genetics Broman, A., Attie, A. & Yandell, B. 2010 PDF icon tr1157.pdf
1156 Penalized likelihood regression in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces with randomized covariate non-Gaussian data Ma, X., Wahba, G. & Dai, B. 2009 PDF icon tr1156.pdf