The two active wireless networks on campus are UWNet and Eduroam. UWNet is specific to UW-Madison campus only while Eduroam allows you to connect to hundreds of other campuses and research institutions using your UW-Madison campus NetID email and password. If authenticating to Eduroam use your entire campus email address as the username, e.g. If using UWNet just your NetID is needed.

Testing the Wireless Connection

To test the wireless connection, open a browser window (Firefox is the preferred browser, or use Internet Explorer). You should get a default web page with the title Welcome to UWNet with a left side-bar message Log in for Network Access.

Authenticating to the UWNet or Eduroam Wireless Network

To use the full network from a wireless connected laptop, you must log in to the network and be authenticated as a valid user. You can initially authenticate by entering your NetID and Password on the left side of the Welcome to UWNet screen. Once you get a Login Successful message, you will have access to the network. The preferred method for authentication is to install and use the WiscVPN client. First download and install Cisco Any Connect. This authentication method provides greater security for communications. For additional details about the UWNet wireless setup and services, see the Wireless UWNet Info Page.