Printing from a Laptop to Statistics Printers

To print on a Statistics printer in MSC, you must first setup a VPN connection to the Stat/CSL network. You can download the client from the links at the bottom of the here. Launch the Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client software and copy and paste the central campus VPN connection address of to connect. Then choose COMP_SCI_SPLIT for the group connection. Enter your stat username and password. After you have started a VPN connection you will need to set the connection to:

The procedures for setting up local printer connections are basically the same as those described in:

The CSL Wireless And Laptop Network FAQ

Queue names can be set to pr1270, pr1207 & pr1224 use the PCL6 driver for 2 sided printing, pr1335 or prb248 for black and white printing, and to the various statcolor queues for color printing.

Finding a Printer in Statistics

NEED LINK The Statistics Computing Facilities page lists the printers that are available for your use

Here is a "reprint" of the CSDocs commands with Statistics corrections:

On Windows 7:

* Open Start Menu
* Select Devices and Printer
* Select Add a printer
* Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
* Select The printer I want isn't listed
* Select Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname and click Next
* Enter the following parameters for the printer hostname/IP address:
* Device type: TCP/IP Device
* Hostname or IP address:
* Port name: printer name example: pr1270
* Uncheck Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use
* Click Next
You may see a long delay on the Detecting TCP/IP port screen before the next screen is available for input. Please be patient; this delay is expected.
Select Device Type: Custom then click Settings
*Enter the following Port Settings:
*Protocol: LPR
*LPR Settings Queue Name: enter queue name (example: pr1270)
* Check LPR Byte Counting Enabled
* Click OK
*Click Next
Select the printer manufacturer and model. If you can't find the model you are interested in adding, you'll nee to download the driver, click Have Disk... and specify the driver location. The file you downloaded may be an exe file which will extract the needed drivers to a folder. This will be the folder you will wish to use when specifying driver location. See printer driver for more on finding printer drivers.
* Click Next
* Specify the name of the printer (for example pr1270, but your choice as to what you want to name it), then click Next
* On the Printer Sharing screen, select Do not share this printer and click Next
You may want to disable the Set as the default printer option (your choice)
*Click Finish

If you are an international student, or your PC or copy of Windows came from a foreign country, you may need to change the default paper size from A4 to Letter.

Go to Devices and Printers, if it is not already open. Right click on the printer you just added. Click Printing Preferences You will be presented with a window that gives you the option to select paper size. Select Letter (8.5" x 11") from the drop-down box if it is not already selected. (Please note that window you see may be different from the example picture depending on what printer you added.) Click OK. You are good to go.

You will be asked to select a manufacturer and model for your printer. You first need to check what specific type of printer you are printing to (pr1207, pr1270, pr1224, pr1335 and prb248). For statcolor, you will need the Xerox Phaser 6250DP PS driver. For If you can't find the driver for the Xerox Phaser 6250 you will need to go the the Xerox download site and select an appropriate driver for your OS. Choose the "Optional 32/64-bit Postscript Driver" for the greatest flexibility (on Windows systems). When installing, use the "Have Disk" option and point to the Xerox driver directory to load the Xerox Phaser 6250DP PS option into the printer list.

Printing from a Mac OS/X Laptop to Statistics Printers

--Select System Preferences from the "Apple" pull down icon, then select Print & Fax from the Hardware line
In the Print & Fax window, select the + sign to add a new printer, then choose the IP icon on the top row of the add printer window
--For Protocol select the Line Printer Daemon - LPD
--For a UWNet wireless connection, enter for Address
--For Queue, enter the queue identification for the printer you want to use, for example pr1270
--For Name, enter a useful name, like pr1270
--The printer Location information is optional, but can be set to something like 1270 MSC, for example
--Select Add to complete the configuration
--This will generally result in a two-sided (duplex) printing output, but there is some inconsistency in printer control available for some versions of browsers and OS X. Please check printer "layout" if you get something you don't expect. Normally, one-sided (simplex) printing is accomplished by adding a separate print queue for the simplex version of the printer. In this case the queue identification would be pr1270-simplex

The new printer should appear in the printing menu for OS/X applications. Select the new printer and test printing function.

There is a per-page charge to print on the Statistics color printer, so you need to have an account set up for this purpose. To set up an account, please contact Denise Runyan.