Non-Traditional Students: Professional MS and Certificates

Subjects for Traditional and Non-traditional Programs

Our department, in collaboration with other units on campus, has research expertise in several subjects that are “marketable”. We could enhance our traditional programs by offering new (or in some cases retooled) courses in these areas, including:

  1. Core Graduate Studies: Graduate programs at other institutions, particularly outside the US, want to send students to UW-Madison to learn our core graduate sequence. This training would enhance their in-country degree programs. This may best be served by a capstone certificate with 609-610 or 709-710 and 849-850.
  2. Uncertainty Quantification: Teach the quantitative characterization and reduction of uncertainties in applications. Focus on methods to determine how likely certain outcomes are in partially understood systems. Focus is on computer simulation modeling of complex systems. Develop this closely with faculty in other data science fields, notably CS and College of Engineering.
  3. Inference for Systems Genetics: We have several faculty who are involved in short course instruction at other institutions. We could readily develop our own Summer (Jun-Aug) or Winter (Jan) short course on this topic, likely drawing on faculty in Genetics and BMI.
  4. Mathematical/Statistical Finance: Core foundations (311-312 or 431) would be coupled with specialized courses in mathematical or statistical finance (to be developed). New courses could focus quickly on the study of spatio-temporal patterns (time series, GPS-like data structures) essential in financial decision making. This would ideally be done jointly with Mathematics and School of Business.
  5. Data Analytics

Other Programs and Links

UW-Madison has four professional masters integrated with campus offerings, some online: Masters of Engineering, Masters in Social Work, the Master of Arts in Information and Library Science, and Master of Science for Professional Educators.

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